sana dalawa ang puso and the concept of duality

Over the years, themes of duality have been explored and exploited in film and TV. ABS-CBN’s early 2018 offering, Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, is its latest endeavor to go down this familiar path. Not to be instantly judged as a misstep though, because every generation seems to give birth to an iconic duo - bitter rivalries between polar opposites, tragedy-stricken twins separated at birth, archetypes of good and evil caught in everlasting battles – they sometimes end up becoming the pairs that define a generation. Duality is a rich motif. Rivalries are entertaining when done right, and sometimes even when not. Twin-centered series never go out of fashion - admittedly it is fun to watch especially when twin characters are being played by the same actor/actress, adding a layer of cinematic wonder to the scene.

Sana Dalawa Ang Puso is a promising rom-com which may or may not adhere to a tried and tested formula, but what's clear is that it clings to a recurring theme: the number 2. From its title, to its official hashtag (#nalilitwo), to Jodi Sta Maria playing two different characters. Two faces, two pairs intersecting at some midpoint, two romances to follow – this is duality at the most obvious level, but the theme runs a lot deeper and in more subtle ways.

For a better understanding, let’s have a quick recap of the events so far.

The Switch

Lisa Laureano (Jodi Sta Maria), the only daughter of a cosmetics mogul, is about to take the helm of the family business. As the company faces its downfall, her father comes up with an unexpected maneuver: merge with their biggest competitor. In exchange for the merger that will save their faces, Lisa finds herself a helpless pawn as she is forced to marry the scion of the competition, who is also her bitter ex, Martin Co.

Martin Co (Richard Yap) is one of Manila’s most eligible: young, wealthy, and wildly successful. The merger and forced wedding align with everything he wanted in life, as he has long been smitten with Lisa. The short relationship they had in their youth ended in a falling out and he is yet to earn Lisa’s forgiveness, a feat he can’t seem to accomplish because Lisa’s attention is somewhere else. Unknown to Martin and Lisa's father, she is actively running shady schemes to outwit them in their game of control.

Leo Tabayoyong (Robin Padilla) enters the picture, an undercover window cleaning serviceman assigned to the Laureano building. A series of encounters bring him and Lisa close, and he shows Lisa a world so much different from her own. His simple life of freedom is a distraction which highlights Lisa’s helplessness in her impending wedding and marriage to Martin.

Mona Bulalayao (also Jodi Sta Maria) is a barrio cockfighting kristo. As she flees her past, she runs into Lisa, and with this encounter comes the biggest shock of their lives: they look exactly alike.  Immediately Lisa sees an opportunity: she can escape from her father to arrange her own merger. If she succeeds, her company will be saved, and she will not have to marry Martin. The only way she can do this is with Mona's help. After a rushed makeover, Mona takes Lisa's place in the company, in her family, and in Martin’s doomed union.

Martin, Leo and Mona - all their paths converge with Lisa as she plays the biggest con of her life in her bid for freedom and happiness, but at what cost?

The show taps into the morning demographic, the same crowd ABS-CBN won over with Be Careful With My Heart. I didn't like BCWMH (mainly because Maya is overly sweet, beyond what is humanly possible) but I am hooked with S2P. My mother serves a daily episode recap along with our breakfast. Our favorite is Mona, she is just a riot. Put her in a scene with  Sharamdara the rooster and we're all set.

How does S2P stand out from its overplayed genre? Does it freshen up our idea of duality, or will it be just another  forgettable kambalserye?

First of all, we aren’t even sure if Mona and Lisa are in fact twins.

Mona has unclear birth origins and her parents keep it a secret, with a ruby encrusted necklace being the only clue to her identity. There's a chance she is related to Lisa, whose mother died a long time ago. But at the same time, S2P opened with the premise that every person has at least seven lookalikes in the world. It might just be a big coincidence, a cosmic joke played on Mona and Lisa. Does this mean ABS-CBN is veering away from the “separated-at-birth” structure? They might be twins, or may be just lookalikes. It’s too early to say, and honestly, this uncertainty is part of the charm.

To understand that charm deeper requires a closer look into each of the characters. Mona and Lisa symbolize the full spectrum of being a female. Leo and Martin represent the traditional and modern ideas of masculinity. As we navigate their ins and outs, a puzzle reveals itself, and all pieces will begin to take shape and fall into place.

The Players

Lisa is not your typical damsel in distress: her castle is the Laureano Group of Companies; her father is the wicked captor; but her knight in shining armor is not necessary, because Lisa is not going to wait for a savior. She will take matters into her own hands with her vicious “Boss-Ma’am” business persona.

Mona is the quintessential Filipino heroine, starting from the bottom and struggling through her journey. While Lisa represents the end goal – beautiful, ultra-feminine, powerful – Mona is the exact opposite: simple, oppressed, lacking in graces. Their only common denominator is that they are both strong females with indomitable fighting spirit. Mona will transform and emulate Lisa to encapsulate the Filipina ideal: strong, beautiful and happy. Lisa has had a taste of the simple life with Leo, and this just might be the escape she is longing for.

Leo is the ultimate Pinoy machoman man, complete with swagger and savior complex. He takes responsibilities left and right. His unbreakable sense of integrity takes him places, both good and bad. But att the core of his rugged exterior, he is just the utmost gentleman.

Martin is a big man-child lost in a world of adults, babied by his parents, caring yaya and loyal bodyguard. He is just going through the motions to fulfill his functions and obligations. He wants to be taken seriously, to triumph at something. Lisa is his hardest defeat yet. With no one else to turn to, he befriends the woman he hired to care for his prized rooster. That woman is Mona, and though they only talk via text, Mona inevitably falls for him.

Compare and Contrast

S2P plays on duality in two ways: parallels and opposites.

Leo and Mona are outsiders to Lisa and Martin’s world. Their lives mirror each other in two ways: familial love and constant peril. Their only access to Lisa and Martin is though their manual labor jobs. Both were born to disadvantage, clawing their way to get to the top through honest work. When they finally meet, will they appreciate this quality in each other?

Lisa and Martin are equals. Both born into money, both well-educated and successful in their own right, both a prime catch in a society where charity fundraiser galas are a weekend thing. Do their similar backgrounds automatically warrant a match? Or will it result to one of those failed marriages we every so often read about?

Lisa represents the upper echelon of society with her immaculate image while Mona, well, she hypes up fighting cocks, plays the mascot in costume parties, and plucks underarm hairs in her spare time. Will Lisa’s journey be in the complete opposite direction as Mona’s, spiraling down to the levels of poverty and simplicity she is not used to? Maybe we are yet to see Lisa riding a jeep or eating kwek-kwek, but as of last week, we have already seen Mona, disguised as Lisa, making her grand entrance in a black evening gown and everyone stops for a gaze.

Leo and Martin's professions convey their biggest difference in terms of our ideas of masculinity. Leo does manual labor work as a guise, but in truth he is part of a covert military operation. Martin studies how to market cosmetics. Leo courts danger with his undercover job, while Martin is preoccupied with his wedding. Leo puts his life on the line every day, relying only on his fighting skills. Martin mulls over his lovelife and texts Mona, “Ganun ba talaga ang nagmamahal, nasasaktan?”

Lisa and Martin, as part of the ruling elite, only interact with “the help” as far as they are concerned. It’s only when they get a taste of the real world beneath their pedestals that they will truly live. Mona and Leo are broadening their horizons, reaching places they were never a part of before. And these crossovers are what the fans are waiting for.

In exploring each character and their plight, it’s easy enough to draw where they’re coming from, basing on their opposite and parallel personas. The real fun starts when you try to guess where they are going next.

The Performances

Watching Jodi is a masterclass in acting. Her Lisa is the epitome of class and elegance, while her Mona simply steals every scene she is in. With Robin, you get what you sign up for, and his brand of machismo completes this puzzle. Richard, if anything, showed more versatility. He is yet to shed off his Daddy image (my mother still refers to him as Sir Chief) by playing Martin's character, who is supposedly much younger than the BCWMH character he came to be most known for, but he is doing that successfully. Torn between love and embarrassment, Richard's Martin deals with Lisa with desperation and constant heartbreak. You just can't help but feel sad for him, because of all four, he is the most miserable.

The series plays out like, surprisingly, like a fast-paced movie. It's far-removed from the saccharine sweetness of BCWMH and from Jodi's slapfest with her Amor Powers stint. With ABS-CBN's current serye lineup, it's the only one you can call feel-good. It's the kind of serye that doesn't dish out all its tricks at once. It gives some and then saves some. Three months into its run and we haven't even heard the theme song yet (meanwhile, the afternoon triplet-serye plays its "Ako'y ako na di dapat mawalan ng pag-asa" theme like a broken record).

S2P's strength is how it delivers the laughs so effortlessly, so naturally. It feels so light, but at the same time, well put together. We all know the show did not write itself. And we all know, easy-watching is hard-writing. This tight little package of a story, neat and tidy with no loose ends, is the product of thinking minds. This is not something you come up with over a weekend.

At the center of it all is pure comedy gold. Jodi does physical comedy well. She is the lifeblood of this whole gig. As one grandma of an officemate put it, this is the only time she liked Jodi. This is the truest testament of good writing and good acting: to change a lola's opinion of an actress.

What I appreciate most about S2P, apart from its carefully crafted meet-cutes, is how it breaks stereotypes for both men and women. Martin runs a makeup company. Leo lives in an all-girl household. Lisa takes action to grab her chances at freedom. And Mona, in cockfighting? You can't get any more badass than that.

What's next?

Fast-paced as it is, at this point the story is yet to complete its initial course. The characters have barely met and so far, only Lisa has met all three. Alliances are still being made and rivalries are just about to manifest. The dice have been cast but we're only seeing a few faces. As more combinations are thrown, we can look forward to more changing dynamics: will Mona meet Leo and eventually relate more to him? Will Lisa have a change of heart and let Martin win her over? Each pairing is as valid and promising as the other.

But the most important question lies in the title. It implies how a person deals with oneself when faced with making an important choice between two (again, the magic number) loves. A love triangle is forming, but who are the players? So far we have Mona with Martin, and Lisa with Leo, so what’s the problem?

In popular folklore, a doppelganger, a replica of a living person, is considered a bad omen. Meeting your own means impending death. Does this lend an answer to the question? Will things take this serious turn?

Sino ang maghahangad magkaroon ng dalawang puso? Sino ang #nalilitwo?

dear glentot - part 1

My favorite weekly pastime, next to sitting at Gongcha while quietly judging people, is checking my blog's stats, especially ang Keywords Analysis, wherein (naks magamit lang) ang mga taong nagsearch sa Google, let's say for example "most inspiring and heartwarming wholesome blog" at sa blog ko naligaw, makikita ko ang keywords na "most inspiring and heartwarming wholesome blog" sa stats. Ang saya di ba? Salamat Statcounter.

Of course there's always a way to turn this productive, useful feature into raging throbbing umaatikabong full-blown kalaswaan. Yung mga boys na nagsesearch ng "lola stories" or yung all-time mabenta sa girls (and boys), "paano magfinger". Eh di nakita ko rin yung mga kahalayang inaatupag nila sa maghapon. Ipinagkanulo sila ni Google sa akin. Mga salaula sila guys.

Truth be told, sa Keyword Analysis ko nasaksihan ang mga pinakamalalagim na Google searches. I've seen some dark, dark shit. I'm not going to judge people (no to kink-shaming ako pa ba?) pero please, please, tantanan nyo ang mga lola nyo. The words "lola" and "kinantot" SHOULD NOT be in the same sentence Lord patawarin Mo po sila. Kaya naging tungkulin ko sa lipunan ang timbugin ang mga ito, so over the years naishare ko rin dito sa blog ang mga kasuklam-suklam nilang search words. Kaya nagkaroon ng Dear Glentot.

Ngunit pagkalogin ko recently sa Statcounter para magcheck ng latest kasalaulaan, eto ang bumungad sa akin, which is not a good situation:

Keywords Unavailable

FUCK ME RIGHT? Why take away something I love? Why??? Na-devastate ako I almost choked on my Gongcha.

Mabuti na lang, over the years naipon ko ang mga Statcounter screenshots ko bago ito mawala. And so now, to end this beautiful tradition I present ang huling batch ng malalaswang keywords. Today, we'll do confessions.

You ready?

Close your eyes.

Hingang malalim.


Finally. Mabuti naman. It's about time. Lahat kami meron na, ikaw na lang ang wala. Time to celebrate. So happy for you. Keep it up.

Wait. So now na may pubes ka na, anong balak mo? Asking for a friend.

Tsk tsk. Nagiging mapusok na ang mga kabataan at pinapasok na nila ang mundo ng pagsusugal. Siguro ito ay nagsimula sa paunti-unting taya ngunit nang maubos na ang pera, virginity na ang isinugal.

Grabe lang ang mga 16yo ngayon, sex na ang inaatupag. Samantalang ako when I was 16 busy lang ako sa studies, you know, academics, enriching my skills, loljk puro kalaswaan rin inatupag ko nun.

Holy shet paano yan baka naubos na? Paulit-ulit talaga? Ginawa ka nilang buffet. I feel so sorry for you :(

Pero Ate advice lang, hindi ito magandang gawain. Hindi ka eat-all-you-can, hindi ka for-sharing, at lalong hindi ka dapat ginawang pulutan sa inuman. Takot ka bang mapanis yan kaya ipinakain mo na agad? Magtira ka ng konti. Just sayin'. Think about it.

Alam nyo kayo, puro mga sakit ng katawan ang inaatupag ninyo. Hindi rin ito gawaing kapaki-pakinabang. Hindi ito magandang paraan upang mag-exfoliate ang inyong skin. Bakit nyo ito ginagawa ng Ate mo? Wala ba kayong pasok? Nagpupuyat kayo sa mga ganyang aktibidad. Mamaya naimpeksyon pa kayo niyan.

Wait. Bakit yung "pekpek" mo may space? "pek *space* pek"? Or baka yan talaga ang tamang spelling? Hindi naman ito itinuro noon sa Filipino subjects.

Aww, may lagnat siya. Bilang bayaw niya, dapat mo siyang pangalagaan at kabilang na dito ay painumin siya ng Bioflu.

Pero bakit ba siya nilagnat bigla? Baka naman nagtampisaw kayo huh.

What the... this is just... FUCK!  Qaqo!

Ikaw Sir, imbes na maging gabay ng mga mag-aaral, tangina binibiyak mo sila. Hindi ito magandang gawain. Hindi ito nakasaad sa kurikulum. Hindi ito aprubado ng DepEd.

Baka panahon na upang ikaw ay gumamit ng fungal cream. Nagiging madalas na ba ang pagkati nito? Natanong ko lang kasi baka isa itong malubhang karamdaman. Basta tandaan mo, ang sagot ay nasa maagang gamutan. Huwag mo itong ipabiyak kay Sir or kaya ay ikiskis kay Ate baka mahawa siya.

Listen. I have no problem with your fetish. But you know what I don't like? Theft.

Nakakadisappoint ka, sama ng ugali mo sa Tita mo. Bastos kang pamangkin. Ang pinaghirapan nya sa kanyang hard-earned money ay nanakawin mo lang. Kaya pala pumasok siya sa work na walang panty. Palda pa naman ang uniform tapos tatawid pa siya sa footbridge sa Shaw. Mae-expose yung pek *space* pek niya sa polusyon. Paano kung kumati yon, sasagutin mo ba ang pambili ng fungal cream? At paano kung kabagin sya? Kasalanan mo ito. Ibalik mo nga yang panty nya sa sampayan.

Oh Lord these people need Jesus in their lives.


office talk 3

Guyst, napansin ko lang to ha? Sometimes, good employees quit even if they like their jobs so much. Why? Dahil Pakshet ang mga tao. Makakaya mo ang work-related stress eh. Matitiyaga mo ang third world commute. Matitiis mo nga ang indignities of Christmas party presentations. Pero dadagdagan mo ng Pakshet factor mula sa kaopisina mong kampon ng kadiliman ang ugali? This is an alsa-balutan type of scenario. Di bale nang mag-update muli ng joketime na resume, if it means not to deal with any unnecessary headache in human form.

On the flip side, tae-taeng employees stay even if they hate their jobs so much. Same thing. It’s the people. We build connections and relationships that sometimes replace the ones we built outside the office. Meron nga nagkakamabutihan, nagkakapalitan ng body fluids at nauuwi sa binyagan ng first baby. Bilang officemates we spend over ¾ of our waking hours in the office so minsan kahit ayaw mo, your office peeps will be all up in your face. And it’s a good thing. We build a stronger workforce if we have good working relationships. We end up staying because of the people. Sabehhh.

You know what builds relationships? Mutual blackmail, or in other words, trust, the building blocks of Friendship. And we gain trust by giving it, which translates to I TRUST NA HINDI MO ISISIWALAT ANG MGA NALALAMAN MONG LIHIM KO DAHIL IBOBROADCAST KO RIN ANG BAHO MO. Hawag nyo sa leeg ang isa’t-sa. It’s called Friendship, look it up.

A good example is my favorite officemate Tito Donpi. Maraming lihim si Tito Donpi na nalalaman ko. For example, akala nila sa office he’s this soft-spoken goody-two-shoes di-makabasag-pinggan type of situation, pero ako lang ang nakakaalam na given the right topic, super palamura si Tito Donpi just like the rest of us sinners. And I have receipts ready to present as evidence. Pwede akong tumawag sa church nila at ipatiwalag siya sa alarming levels ng pagmumura na namutawi sa kanya. But of course I won’t do that. We’re Friends!

You see, this is how Tito Donpi talks to me because he trusts me na hindi ko sasabihin dun sa mga taong minura nya na minura nya sila. So kapag nakakasabay namin sila sa elevator and Tito Donpi is all sweet like “Uy hi kumusta ka na? Looking good” I just throw up in my mouth a little. Kasi nga I keep his trust.
Minsan sa tagal ng inyong pagsasama at sa lalim ng Friendship nyo, makakabuo na kayo ng sarili nyong dialect. Kami nga sa office we sometimes speak in Da Vinci Code levels of secrecy. Kung maririnig nyo lang ang kwentuhan namin...
Nabalitaan mo na yung bagong pelikula?
Sino bida?
Si Shrek (Sample lang, not their actual codename. Shet may substitute codename para sa codename???)
Anong title?
Nagalit Ang Buwan Sa Haba ng Gabi
Kelan yan?
Last summer. Kumita sa takilya.
Wow congrats sa cast and crew. Well-deserved. Sana may part 2.
Ganyan ang usapan kasi minsan  kasabay lang namin sa elevator yung persons concerned.

Bashmates ang tawag namin sa mga taong kausap sa mga cryptic conversations, see above. Sila yung yayayain mong kumuha ng tubig sa pantry pero wala kayong dalang baso, kasi may urgent kayong topic na sa water dispenser nyo lang pwedeng pagusapan. Shet kung nakakapagsalita lang ang water dispenser, ang natatanging star witness sa lahat ng uri ng pangba-bash na pinakawalan nyo at 8 in the morning EST.

Sila bashmates ang kasama mo sa isang lihim na Facebook group chat, na may pagsi-screenshots ng FB posts ng ibang officemates na siyang topic nyo hanggang weekend. Sa lahat ng bashmates ko, si Tito Donpi ang pinaka-active basher. Si Tito Donpi kasi, maraming Friends sa office. We all know the equation Maraming Kaibigan = Maraming Masasagap na Impormasyon. It’s good to have Tito Donpi bilang bashmate. Marami syang nalalaman, malapit na syang itumba.

Unclear pa rin ba sa iyo kung sino ang bashmate mo? Sila yung mga taong tatawagin mo kapag may pa-press conference ka tungkol sa mga nagbabagang balita. Maghahanap kayo ng malayong fast food tapos bibitinin mo yung kwento kasi dapat kompleto na kayo bago ka pa magkwento dahil ayaw mo ng paulit-ulit. Look for catchphrases like “Eto na nga” signalling na magsisimula ka na sa isang matinding round of bashing. Syempre laging may disclaimer pa like “Eto atin-atin lang ha. Pag ito lumabas, sisirain kita sa office.” Lakas makachismoso’t chismosa sa mahjongan pero aminin na natin, kapag may breaking news ang isa sa mga bashmates natin, napapa-team breakfast tayo kahit gusto nating magtipid. Dahil mas mahalaga ang impormasyon. Iba ang may alam.

Minsan yung kwentuhan eh wala lang naman, hindi naman life-changing. Pero gusto lang naman natin ng excitement. Anything to be excited about during breaks. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and it doesn’t take time away from performing your tasks. Hindi ko dinagdag ang paragraph na ito dahil nagbabasa yung isang boss ko OK? Shoutout Sir!

Minsan kabisado mo na ang sasabihin ng officemate mo you can almost finish their sentences. Halimbawa...

Si Tito Donpi, nag-evolve ang mga greetings and goodbyes. Yung standard na “Hi” nya naging “Pumayat ka, may iniinom ka no?” Ganyan siya sa amin kapag may nadetect syang ilang guhit na weight loss, triggered sya. Minsan pagdating mo pa lang ganyan na ang bungad nya sayo. Ang standard na "Ingat" naman, nadadagdagan ng “Baka ma-claim ang insurance” as in “Dahan-dahan ka sa pagtawid sa kalsada, baka ma-claim ang insurance.”

Uso ang slang sa office, mga salitang kami-kami lang ang nag-imbento at nagbigay ng context/meaning at kami-kami lang rin ang nakakaintindi, like:

Yung officemate na ma-attitude kahit hindi naman bagay/nararapat. GUESS WHAT: Hindi magandang pag-uugali ang pagiging mayabang, masyadong bilib sa sarili, o nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko. The moment magpamalas ka ng asim, maeekis ka. Huwag kang ganun. Huwag kang atitood. Dapat good vibes lang lagi.

Quota Problems
Sa lahat ng problema sa office, ito ang pinakapaborito ko. Ito yung problemang nae-experience lang ng mga taong nameet na ang annual goal. Whatever number it is, whatever metrics, whatever performance indicator. The moment maachieve mo ito, saka maglalabasan ang Quota problems mo like:

Love life
Sex life (lack of)
Existential crisis

And many more dahil may panahon ka.

Kapag kasi hindi ka pa naka-quota, wala kang enerhiya sa mga bagay na hindi naman makakatulong sa pag-achieve mo ng goals mo. Wala ka ngang pakialam kung dugyot na ang itusra mo dahil sa third world commute, makarating lang sa office. Halos mapabayaan mo na ang iyong personal hygiene. Para kang hindi papahuli ng buhay. Gusto mo lahat ng kapangyarihan mo, focused sa quota. What is sex life? What is diet? What is health?

Eh isang araw bigla kang naka-100% quota. Fuuuck this shiiiiiitttt ngayon biglang I have huge pores. My hairline looks weird. I have really bad breath in the morning. Yan ang quota problems.

One specific quota problem is body weight. Lalo na kapag panahon ng Annual Physical Exam tapos nilalagay talaga sa results ang mga insensitve words tulad ng OBESE. Minsan kailangan na talaga itong i-address, which brings me to...

Two Weeks
Ito ang promise ng pagpayat na binibitiwan ni Tito Donpi kapag nagagawi ang usapan sa kanyang weight management concerns. Usually may diin ang pagkakabigkas nya nito, mala-death threat.
Me: Don, boring no? Tara mag-diet tayo.
Tito Donpi: Baket?
Me: Feeling ko ang taba ko na eh. Ikaw ba?
Tito Donpi: Bastos ka. Two weeks. Give me two weeks.

Sarado ang Tindahan
This is the phenomenon kapag may mga factors na nakakaapekto sa iyong productivity at napagdesisyunan mong pumasok para lang magpakita ng pisikal na anyo, pero wala ka naman talaga sa katawang-tao mo, dahil ang isipan at damdamin mo ay naiwan sa kawalan. Syempre hindi ito kaaya-aya sa kumpanyang nagpapasahod sa iyo, pero minsan, kailangan natin intindihin at bigyan ang konting pag-unawa ang mga empleyado. May pinagdadaanan ka bang problema? Sarado ang tindahan mo ngayon? Sige pero mamaya hataw ka na uli ha? Again, TRUST. Tiwala lang, alam mo namang maayos na employee talaga sya.

Pero what if isang taon nang sarado ang tindahan nya? Baka naman kasi...

Subsob sa Trabaho
Baka naman subsob sa trabaho si officemate? Siya yung literal na nakasubsob sa desk kasi kinukumpleto nya ang prescribed number na 8 hours of sleep for good health.

Pinakapaborito kong kwento ng boss namin yung isang employee noon (na wala na ngayon), ayon kay boss: “Aba, si bakla, tulog, ang naiwan pang naka-open sa laptop nya, Facebook. Facebook?!?! Facebook na lang nakatulugan mo pa?” Ayun na-Timbog® si Ate. Which brings me to...

Eto yung moments na mag ginawa kang alam mong hindi mo dapat gawin tapos may nakahuli sayo. Ayokong magbigay ng examples baka bumalik sakin LOL. Hindi maiiwasang may mga pasaway sa office. Minsan ako rin pasaway. Sapagkat tayo ay tao lamang at nagkakamali. Ang mahalaga ay ang pagbangon sa pagkakamali upang hindi na ma-Timbog® pang muli. Kaya para hindi mangyari ito, dapat:

Huwag Malikot, Baka Makabasag ng Plorera
Eto, galing sa boss namin. It’s her creative way of saying, Wala ako sa office bukas, so magbehave kayo. Hindi nya na ididikdik sa amin na huwag kaming magsarado ng tindahan. Kapag sinabi nya yan, alam na namin. Ayaw naming makabasag ng plorera. Ako quiet lang. At bukas lagi ang tindahan ko. Katabi ko ang TL ko eh LOL.

May Pinapatunayan
Kapag payday, alam naman nating lahat na sabay-sabay kaming sumweldo, so hindi statement ang magsplurge. Hindi ito nakaka-upper echelon. Ang tunay na sukatan ng yaman, yung week before payday. Doon ka mag-buffet. Doon ka magpa-birthday. “May pinapatunayan” is what it’s called.

Masama pakiramdam mo? Sorry, pumasok ka pa rin, kung ayaw mong machismis na wala ka lang pamasahe kaya ka umabsent. Yung isang officemate ko nga, kapag pecha de peligro more more Instagram post ng kung saan-saan sya kumain dahil ayaw nyang mapagbintangang nag-third world meals siya like WHAT LEVEL OF EXTRA PETTINESS IS THIS. Yung isa naman, ia-announce nya, “Glenn, pasama naman magwiwithdraw ako sa ATM” in a loud voice para alam ng lahat na may wiwithdrawhin pa sya. It’s not the amount, it’s about sending a message. Patunayan mong hindi ka pa gipit because of the choices you made.

This is the same officemate na dahil may pinapatunayan siya, which is Noong gumuhit ng poverty line ay nakaabot siya sa ABOVE, hinding hindi sya magda-diet kapag pecha de peligro dahil ayaw ma-accuse na nagtitipid (one time tinawag ko siyang “breadwinner”, na-offend sya, WHATTHEFUCKRIGHT?).

Tito Donpi made a mistake nung minsang nagbaon sya ng nilagang okra. For health reasons daw ito pero najudge sya ng hurtful stuff such as “Yes, PDP (pecha de peligro)?” or “Saang kapitbahay mo pinitas yan?” and “Di ka nagsasabi, sige pautangin na kita, Jollibee tayo?” which is why hindi nya na ito inulit pa kahit paborito sana nya ang okra. Because judgmental eyes are everywhere. Kung okra levels ang binaon mo, mapagbibintangan kang #hapit #gipit #kapitsapatalim

Same rule applies sa bayaran ng utang. You’re not impressing anybody sa pagbayad ng inorder mong ham sa araw ng payday. A true show of power is magbayad 2 days before sweldo. Gawain ito ni Tito Donpi and he makes sure na ALAM NG LAHAT NA NAGBABAYAD SYA by announcing it through immortal lines like “HERE’S MY FULL PAYMENT, PAKIBILANG BAKA SOBRA” or “KEEP THE CHANGE” kahit wala syang sukli and my personal favorite “BAYARAN KO NA, BAKA ICHISMIS MO PA AKO.” Classic.

Klaruhin ko lang, hindi kasalanan ang sumawsaw below poverty line, ang kasalanan ay yung spending money like a boss sa luho at bisyo tapos masasadlak ka na sa 39ers situations and worse, uutang na sa fellow member ng PDP. Ang tunay na lower echelon ay yung hindi marunong alagaan ang sarili.

Kamay sa Dibdib
Finally uwian na. Eto yung nakaabang kami sa pagpatak ng ika-59 segundo ng ika-59 minuto ng pag-logout. The tension is real at the moment na mag-00 ang biometrics clock ay mistulang may stampede.

Test of ❝Friendship❞
Hindi maiiwan magkaroon ng mga pagsubok na maaring makapagparupok o makapagpatibay ng pagkakaibigan. Si Tito Donpi madalas ang sumusubok nito. Nanggigigil ako minsan sa galit. Mabait sya pero minsan handang-handa syang mag-unfriend. May atitood din eh. Ang hindi ko makalimutang ay nung nawala yung isang singsing nya. Maraming bling-bling si Tito Donpi, pito ata ang singsing nya at sabay-sabay nya suotin so minsan hindi na nya ma-keep track kung nasaang daliri sila. Aba nung may isang nawala, ako ang suspect?

Actually mapapatawad ko pa yan eh. Ang talagang muntikang sumira sa pagkakaibigan namin eh nung nawala yung Mercury Drugstore Card nya at isa ako sa mga pinagbintangan. Tangina diba.

Friendship❞ goes a long way, lalo na sa office. Who else will you trust kung hindi ang mga kasama mo araw-araw? How will you perform your job kung papasok ka pa lang eh nabibwisit ka na in anticipation of your Pakshet officemates na sisira sa araw mo? Sabi nila Love your job, which also means love your workmates. Coz if you don’t, maluwag ang pinto, you can go. Walang pipigil sa iyo, sasabihan ka lang ng “Ingat, baka maclaim ang insurance!”

Next June, I’ll be celebrating my 10th anniversary sa company. #BestPlaceToWork
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