Hey Kids! We started a podcast! Wait lang we can explain. Basta nangyari na lang like everything else in this world. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit di ako nakakapagpost dito sa blog lately. This is all Gideon's idea so siya ang mananagot LOL. On a serious note, medyo matagal ko na rin naiimagine paano kaya feeling magkaroon ng podcast? So the day Gideon brought this idea up, go na agad.

So after a few (or one) brainstorming sessions we came up with Creepsilog! Creepypasta with Pinoy flavor? Pwede. Catalogue of creepiness. We just want to spread wisdom and knowledge (ulul).

We're gonna talk about a lot of weird, scary, and disturbing stuff. If you're into these things, this podcast is for you! And even if you're not, it's still me and my friend talking so if you enjoy this blog, you might enjoy listening to my awkward voice from the depths of the abyss.

We get into details sa aming pilot episode. We share creepy things that happened to us: Gideon tells us about an ex-officemate who stalked him and I share my weird taxi driver story.

For our first season, we are paying homage to our favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder and The Last Podcast on the Left, by counting down our favorite ("favorite") serial killers of all time.



Please listen masaya to. We enjoyed recording, tawanan lang and gaguhan. So we didn't really accomplish much in terms of educating the public, pero nag-enjoy kami. We hope you enjoy this too.

Here's a little teaser for our first season:

OK if you don't have time to go through all 10 episodes just to get an idea how Creepsilog sounds like, eto na lang muna ang pakinggan nyo: The Best of Season One sabeeeeh

Hey Creepers! Before we descend into the darkness and depths of Season 2, let’s first review the killer season that is Season 1. Join us as we dissect over 10 hours of recording and stuff the corpse into 40 minutes of intense knowledge and wisdom chos.

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Creepsilog: Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara!

x-men: dark phoenix

Remember back in 2016 noong nagpost ako ng review (“review” LOL) ng X-Men Apocalypse tapos may mga nagalit sa akin at ininsulto pa ako so sabi ko “I don’t even get paid to do this shit so I don’t have to take shit from people who don’t even have a single fiber of creative shit in them and have not put any shit online but are super quick to judge other people’s shit so enough of this shit I will NEVER do this again”? Well, here’s another X-Men movie and here we are again.

Yup Jean I feel your pain.

To be honest after the last three X-Men movies which I did not really love (I prefer the original three with its much more formidable cast - Sir Patrick Stewart was not only picture-perfect as Professor X, he was actually likeable, Famke Janssen as Jean Grey was pretty solid, and Rebecca Romijn’s quiet Mystique truly inspired fear and awe, and well, mystique), hindi ako excited for the Dark Phoenix.

I truly gave it a chance ngunit nabigo ako. It just didn't give me the same thrill that I had when Nightcrawler raided the White House in X2, or the opening sequence in Days of Future Past, or when Mystique first came face to face with Wolverine, or when Storm delivered the immortal line "You know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning? Same as anything else!" LOLJK But you know what I mean.

Ang daming sinabi. Eh ano naman? OK enough of the pleasantries, let’s do this.

So of course nagsimula ang movie with yet another origin story kung paano na-discover ni Jean Grey na powerful siya. To make it heartbreaking, aksidente nyang napatay ang mga magulang nya, so in order to protect her, kinupkop siya ni Professor X (played by James McAvoy) sa kanyang school for gifted students. “Gifted.”

Cut to grown-up Jean (Sophie Turner). She is now part of an elite group of mutants called the X-men, led by Professor X but really led by Mystique (Meryl Streep). Sa sobrang powerful nila, the President of the United States have them on speed dial. The space mission fucked up and the astronauts need to be rescued!

“We’re doing space missions now?” tanong ni Nightcrawler in one of his few lines. Sana nakapag-almusal siya today.

Ano pa nga ba at agad-agad puma-outer space ang X-Men at iniligtas ang mga astronauts. Of course may time constraint, so Quicksilver, pasok! Remember the slow-mo scene when he broke out Magneto from prison in Days of Future Past? It's the same scene but with more outer space and less fun.

Hala ngunit may something sa paligid, isang misteryosong enerhiya na nagbadyang ilagay ang mga buhay nila sa panganib kaya sinubukan ni Jean na ilabas ang kanyang gigil face at inabsorb ang buong enerhiya and that’s it BYE.

You know this early that it's one of those movies na ang "fight scenes" ay gigil faces with some lights swirling around. Labas ang ugat sa leeg para intense.

Meanwhile may isang alien race na napadpad sa Earth dahil gusto nilang angkinin ang enerhiyang naabosorb ni Jean. Yung leader nila sumanib sa katawan ng isang blonde (Iggy Azalea). Kailangan nyang mahanap si Jean at kunin yung power. Hindi ko nagets yung reasons basta kailangan niya there's no time to explain.

Hala pag-uwi nila Jean sa school not feeling well na si Jean, naging danger na siya sa ibang mutant classmates nya and kung ano-ano na ang narininig nyang boses. And then in a very telenovela twist, buhay pa ang Tatay niya! So pinuntahan niya and it went something like this:

Jean: Hi Dad.
Dad: Hi Jean my daughter.
Jean: What’s up?
Dad: I’m good but you’re dead to me.
Jean: Huhu.
Me: Finish him! Finish him Jean!

Maya-maya pa anjan na sila Professor X, Mystique, Cyclops, and the et ceteras. Syempre may speech na naman si Professor X habang ang iba ay *looks on fiercely* waiting for their turn to speak.

Jean: You lied to me!
Professor X: Hala hindi...
Me: Finish him! Finish him Jean! Patayin mo sila and the rest of this franchise!

So Mystique took it upon herself na kalmahin si Jean, and in a sudden turn of events napatay sya ni Jean.

Nightcrawler and Weather Girl *looks worried*.

End scene. One down.

After umulan habang nililibing si Mystique (can Storm be any more useless???) kinonfront ni Beast si Professor X.

Beast: Hoissttt kasalanan mo ito, nagsinungaling ka kay Jean, itinago mo ang katotohanan? Aminin mo ang kasalanan mo!
Professor X: Nope.

Jean is in an emotional turmoil which we see onscreen as walling habang umuulan while whispering Andumi2X Qoeh or something. So pinuntahan nya yung isang mutant na sinali lang sa movie para may presensya siya: si Magneto.

Of course kahit nakapambahay lang, Magneto floats around. Metal undies?

Jean: You used to hurt people, how did you stop?
Magneto: I hurt people so I stopped.
Me: Luh? Finish him Jean!

May mga kasamang mutants si Magneto na I didn't bother checking Wikipedia for. Yung isang babae,  (Plotwoman? I don't know) taga-announce lang ng kung sino ang paparating to advance the plot.

Remember in Avengers Endgame, hirap kang mag-decide kung kelan ka iihi, you don't want to miss anything? Not a problem here.

So may mga dumating na sundalo pinaghahanap si Jean. Nagalit na naman si Jean so kinontrol nya yung helicopters ng mga sundalo, pero gusto naman iligtas ni Magneto yung mga sundalo so kinontrol nya din. Umaatikabong gigil showdown ang labanan. Constipated face competition. Kapagod. Hanggang sa nainis na lang si Magneto.

Magneto: Leave! Leave me alone! Get out of my sight!
Jean: *floats away*

So maglalasing na lang si Jean sa isang bar. Dun sya natunton nung blonde alien. Inofferan ng kung ano-anong gusto nyang marinig reminiscent nung mga nagnenetworking sa coffee shop. You know how they sometimes manipulate you into bending into their will by creating urgency, insulting your current salary and fluffing your ego?

Alien: Are you A) A scared little girl who answers to a man in a chair? Or B) The most powerful creature in the planet?
Jean: Letter B. I'm in!

Meanwhile ipinaliwanag ni Beast kay Magneto, in great detail, ang mga kaganapan.

Beast: Jean killed Mystique so let's kill her.
Magneto: Oks.

Syempre karay-karay ni Professor X yung mga et ceteras nya tapos more more sunod naman din kay Magneto yung mga et ceteras nya. Hinanap nila si Jean, na inuwi ng alien sa kanyang bahay dahil may ipapakita daw siya.

Jean: I don't understand.
Alien: Here let me show you my Powerpoint presentation.
Jean: I understand now let's go.

So eventually nagkita-kita ang mga pwersa ni Professor X vs mga pwersa ni Magneto sa labas ng bahay for a confrontation unlike any other (LOL).

Professor X: Huwag mong gawin yan Magneto!
Magneto: Tigilan mo ko Charles may speech ka na naman! Nobody cares!
Professor X: Hindi ah. *starts speech about mutants being monsters*

OK fighting time. Syempre kanya-kanya silang pakitang gilas:

May mutant na may dreadlocks, feel na feel lang niya yung buhok niya.
Beast jumps around and is colored blue.
Si kinginang Storm ewan. Parang yes or no lang ang narinig ko sa kanya dito sa pelikulang ito.
Tapos yung isang babaeng mutant na semi-kalbo, what exactly is she doing???
Ang pinakapagod si Nightcrawler goddamn ginawa nila siyang transpo. Tuwing may pupuntahan, kakapit sa kanya? Tawagin na lang natin siyang Angkas.

Sa loob ng bahay...

Alien: Jean, feel the power inside you!

Me: That's a decent tagline for a vibrator ad.

So nagharap na si Jean and Magneto and it was almost too easy. Then turn naman ni Professor X. Mag-iispeech sana sya uli kaso hindi sya nagkachance. Typing this is exhausting.

Alien: Your lives mean nothing.

Wow a quote I can print and hang on my wall. I love it.

Hala maya-maya niraid sila ng pulis can you believe? Nirestrain sila at dinala somewhere. Tinatamad na talaga ako. Natauhan na si Jean at iniligtas sila so fight scene na with the aliens sa train. Laser laser si Cyclops tapos hinagin sila ni Storm wow. As always kapag pagod na akong mag-describe, eto na lang:

"Ito’y nang matapos na nag-disperse sila. Pagkatapos nito, hindi na sila nag-away. Nag-away kasi sila sa simula. Pagkatapos nito’y nagkaroon sila ng pag-aaway sa simula."

Thank you Michael Fajatin.

Sakalan sina Jean and main blonde alien while light power circles them. It has all the excitement of my phone sucking charge from my power bank. Basta tagisan sila ng super powerful gigil faces ending in an explosion in outer space.

Alien: Your emotions make you weak!
Jean: No, my--

OK na.

Ang ending? Si Professor X at Magneto naglalaro ng kinginang chess, leaving me feeling like I watched The Last Stand. At least namatay si Mystique so there's that.

What a nice movie thanks bye God bless.

leave me alone pls

Good evening Kids! Wow may weekly post, is this 2010? Gayunpaman guess what: the world is full of paandar people. Hindi nyo ba napapansin? OK siguro not so much the world, but Facebook definitely. For sure, noon pa man ay marami nang mga paandar na tao, nagsilabasan lang sila nang maimbento ang Facebook.

At kung maraming paandar sa Facebook, marami ring pakialamerong walang magawang maayos sa oras nila: me! Isang pares ng mapanghusgang mata na akala mo naman perfect.

Umpisahan natin sa real-life kaibigan kong si Michael something, isang simpleng tao lamang. Pangiti-ngiti lang, tatawa lang sa green jokes, tapos tatahimik na siya uli.

Ngunit sa Facebook putangina ang dami niyang sinasabing mga paandar. Mahilig magpost ng selfie si Michael. Minsan yung selfie nya whole body (siguro naka-timer ano bang pakialam ko). Wala namang akong masyadong masasabi doon. Kung gwapong-gwapo sya sa sarili nya, Get well soon.

Lately yung mga captions nya ang tunay na nakakapukaw ng atensyon - kasi ang galing nya mag-English. May kung anong mga deep shit na bumulwak sa kanyang kamalayan at sumulpot sa kanyang FB post na kaakibat ng kanyang GGSS selfies.

I mean hindi ko sinasabing hindi fluent sa English si Michael pero yung mga post nya dati eh “I didn’t slept?" which is OKAY LANG kasi hindi naman nya ito native tongue and fuck you for judging sa bagay na hindi nya strength.

Pero wow biglang ang galing nya recently. Hindi ko nilalait ang English nya. Nanibago lang ako kasi tama. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, Kingina may sapi to. May ibang pwersang nangingibabaw.

Hindi nga ako nagkamali. One day (mainit ang ulo ko nun) tapos bumalandra sa timeline ko yung travel pics nya na nakadungaw sya sa batuhan tapos may thought provoking caption. Eh di nagdilim ang paningin ko. Ni-copy ko tapos pinaste sa Google. Puta, ayun. May kung ano-anong quote sites na lumabas.

Hindi ko sinasabing masama manguha ng quotes sa kung saang singit ng Internet mo ito mapulot. Ginagawa ko rin kaya yun! Lahat naman siguro tayo nagawa na yun. I guess mainit talaga sa paningin ko yung mga selfie nya sa batuhan. But hey hmm ikaw, kung yan ang fetish mo eh di more power sa iyo Michael.

We're still friends!

Pero kung tutuusin, okay pa yang paandar ni Michael. Hindi nya lang siguro gawain mag-credit I mean who has the time for that LOL. He doesn't mean anything malicious. Doesnt... or didn't? Kasi past tense LOLLLL.

Putangina yung isa pang nasaksihan ko, krimen talaga. So this other Facebook friend na tawagin na lang nating John or some shit. Hindi ko siya kaibigan in real life so hindi ko alam kung ano ang nagaganap sa kanya kundi yung mga nababasa ko lang sa kanyang well-put together and awesome online presence. Base sa kanyang mga OOTD captions, I think marunong siya ng basic English grammar rules so hindi nya problema yung past tenses ng verbs.

So I have this other actual friend in real life na nagmessage sakin, tinanong kung friend ko raw ba si John. Nung sinabi kong isa lamang si John sa libo-libong pangalang nakikita ko sa Facebook na wala namang contribution sa personal well-being ko, sabi nya:

"Nagpost sa Facebook si John ng rant tungkol sa secondhand smoking. Eh nakita ko na sa Twitter yun. Same na same eh. Pati yung mura ganyan."

Eh di biglang uminit na naman ang ulo ko dahil kahit wala naman akong kinalaman eh madali akong ma-trigger diba? So nicompare ko nga ang original tweet and yung Facebook post ni John and true enough may copy-paste na naganap sa panig ni John.

Lahat naman tayo naiinspire ng words ng ibang tao pero para kopyahin mo yung personal tweet at ipost na kunwari sa iyo putangina ka wala ka bang sariling thoughts? At least si Michael ang ninakaw ay quotes, yung tipong kinocross-stitch at isasabit sa kusina. Ang ninakaw mo eh some fucking kuda ewan ko sa iyo bakit hindi mo na lang shinare? Putangina ka John paandar ka hmpfffttt.

But yo listen up ito ang pinakamatindi you're gonna shit yourself through your butthole.

Yung isa kong baklang officemate na paandar din sa social media (to be fair, maayos naman ang paandar nya kasi ginagastusan nya and legit may taste). So si officemate ay may Facebook friend (na hindi ko friend) na tawagin nating John Michael whatever the fuck.

One day tinawag ako ng officemate ko sa desk nya at tignan ko daw ang pictures friend nyang si Michael John kasi parang may something.......

So well-traveled si John Michael, at pinupuntahan niya talaga yung mga well-known tourist spots. May pictures sya sa Paris, sa Seoul, and (my favorite), sa harap ng Taj Mahal. So syempre yung mga friends ni Michael John amazed na amazed like Wow ang ganda naman diyan John Michael! and so on. As in whole body pic, naka-timer din.

Nanggigil ako bigla.

What the fuck yung pictures niya, EDITED. Pinaste nya ang sarili nyang ulo at katawan sa harap ng mga famous landmarks. Paano ko nalaman? Because I have eyes.

Ang obvious I mean Jesus Christ na-paste nya yung katawan nya pero iba yung lighting iba yung angle iba yung scale iba ang orientation iba ang white balance iba ang ipinaglalaban. Goddamn gusto kong manakit ng tao ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you know?

Eh diba pakialamero ako kahit hindi naman affected ang buhay ko. There's this little Google feature called "Search Google for image" na dalawang click lang eh lalabas yung original image sa search results, along with the thousand other places kung saan nakapost yung pictures. Ayun. Lumabas yung pic ng Taj Mahal. Exact same sa pinost ni John Michael down to the last pixel.

Si John Michael lang ang kulang.

Awesome bye guys love you.
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