The crazies believe that the world ends around four years from now, December 21, 2012 to be exact. People (normal people) often meet this revelation with disgust and dismiss it as a joke. I did too. But a part of my consciousness, days after, keeps going back to this thought, especially when I'm alone on a long ride. I keep dwelling on the possibility that the world will end in a few years, and in all honesty, the thought of this possibility actually happening... excites me.

A huge part of me wishes for the world to end by then.

My first reason for being happy about this apocalypse thing is that I can no longer fear death. I only fear the thought of my death because of the people I will leave behind. I cannot go on to an eternity of being curious, of asking the question "What happened after I died?"

If all of us died together, there's no one to leave behind, and death turns into a glorious passing, no longer a medium for sorrow.

Then, all our questions will be answered, in death. Religion, creation, heaven and hell. And as these questions are answered, we find we no longer need an answer. What for?

And then, while we're still here, I can find so many positive things when confronted with the prospect of the end. When our lives are to grind to a halt we realize the most important things and dwell on them. Family, friends, loved ones. We go back to the basics. And we live each day with them knowing this is the last Christmas, the last birthday... We treat them better, we tend to be better people.

I think that when the end is near I will do many things I haven't had the chance or energy to do before. Like satisfy my curiosity for the Bible. I will read it and see what everyone is fussing about, in hopes I will understand too. I know I will.

I will also make amends with my enemies, except the ones I no longer talk to. Oh wait, I never talk to my enemies. What enemies? I don't have enemies, I only have friends and people who no longer exist.

There are also many things I won't do, if the world will definitely be ending. They say charity brings you closer to God, it is with the poor whose God's love is. Well I won't give to charity, it will look like a huge plastic pretentious move in the eyes of God. If I really want to go to heaven, there are other means aside from a sudden impulse to give to charity. Besides, will money really be meaningful in a time like this? Money, along with all the other things that man made, will burn to the ground, will wash out, evaporate, implode. It's the things that you cannot touch, you cannot see, you cannot measure, that I will give to others.

And on a wider scale, nations will eventually set wars aside. The end will bring all the people together. Why fight to the death when death is already coming anyway?

I think when faced with the end of the world, the world will look into itself and wonder, Why now? An answer will come echoing back, Why not? The world is old, we have committed every sin conceivable, and technology can only take us so far. We have already done everything we can do. Music keeps repeating. Movies are being re-made. We go back to past trends. Science has already proven all things but God. This is the perfect end.

If only we can be certain that the world will really end. If only we can prove that this is not a joke, then our lives will change. Until then, all of this is a hoax.

When faced with death we will start seeing the world not quite like how we see it now. Now we look at the horizon but we think about our jobs, our salaries, the coffee we ordered, the murders we committed, the adulteries we are committing, and the coffee arrives and we are preoccupied.

I think, when we know that four years from now, all that we were and all that we are, and all that we will ever be will finally be obliterated, reduced to the dust we once were, then we can look at the horizon and see nothing else, but the horizon.

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yanah said...

It has something to do with the Mayan calendar which falls on December 21, 2012. The Mayans predicted, due to the transitional changes in our shifting universe, that "time" would change.

But then, we'll never know until we get there..and so I say: Dear God mabait po ako.

Yj said...

now there goes sumthing to really think about....

clap clap.... wushuuuuuuuuu

glen said...

@ yanah dear God I object.

@ yj, discuss this over coffee? nah. we have more pressing problems hahaha

Em said...

"If all of us died together, there's no one to leave behind, and death turns into a glorious passing, no longer a medium for sorrow." --excellent thought here... :)

if the world would indeed end by 2012, then i'll quote you in your words, that "this is the perfect end".

glen said...

@em: intellectual much? haha. tama nang pagtatago yan!!! come out come out!

pnx said...

"Science has already proven all things but God." like Angels and Demons > "Science is too young to understand..." or something like that.

@em "If all of us died together, there's no one to leave behind, and death turns into a glorious passing, no longer a medium for sorrow." yupperz ^_^

@glenn we need to finish Clip01 in just 2 years, kc ung last 1 year preparation, prepare ur costume, don't be late sa 12/21 2012 ah! mark that in ur calendar hihihi

glen said...

@pnx i know why you're here! You're just trying to see the things i might have written about you! Ahaha.

Yup, calendars marked. Costume, pinaplantsa na.

jinky said...

its mah burtdeiy...12-21

glentot said...

@jinky saya naman magugunaw mundo sa birthday mo, pasahot ka ha.

tadong daniel said...

hey! four years na! ngayon na magkakaalaman. haha

Senyor Iskwater said...

sayang ang thought mo kasi hindi naman nagkatotoo... hehehe

Xhann said...

It's satisfying to read and study the bible. hindi sumasalungat ang siyensya unlike what others are saying. and, there's no hell literally.

Red Hoodie said...

Naalala ko yang araw na yan. May takot sa aking puso. Fortunately wala naman. Made the 2013 New Year more memorable though.

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