my top seven torture scenes

It's no secret that I like weird stuff, and that includes weird movies. When I say weird, I don't mean M. Night Shyamalan weird. I mean really weird, like watching the movie is a weird experience in itself.

I like torture films the most.

I have a low tolerance for pain. The slightest discomfort agonizes me. All I can do is watch other people in pain, like a really fucked-up pasttime. Like a challenge, I white-knuckled torture movies, the more painful the better.

And the following are my favorites, ranked from 7 to 1.

#7 The Human Centipede (2010)
Tom Six

The Centipede Concept
There aren't any graphic scenes at all, not much gore, not much blood. But it made it to my list because its whole concept is a torture to imagine.

Maniac Dr. Heiter kidnaps three people to turn them into his lifelong dream: a human experiment involving three humans sharing a single digestive system. Katsuro, a Japanese man, gets his anus stitched into the mouth of Lindsay, a tourist, whose anus is stiched into her friend Jenny's mouth. The resulting figure resembles a centipede.

In short, each time Katsuro shits, Lindsay is forced to eat his shit, and when she shits, it goes directly into Jenny's mouth.

And through all this torment, Dr. Heiter treats them like a pet and teaches them to do some tricks, like fetch, and keeps them in a cage.

This movie is so sinister it's like a nightmare, but I'll surely watch the 2011 sequel, where the centipede will be a bit longer: twelve people.

#6 Baise-moi (2000)
Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi

The Rape Scene
I watched this movie when I was in college. One of my friends said he bought a porn DVD and we all gathered to watch. But instead of good old porno, we got a French movie showing the most violent rape scene I have ever seen in my life, actually worse than porn.

Two girls get gang-raped, and to exact revenge in society they go on a killing spree.

If you're faint-hearted, don't watch. This movie does not care what you think. You can tell just by the title itself. "Baise-moi" means "Fuck me".

#5 Audition (1999)
Takashi Miike

The Needles Scene
Widow guy Aoyama is looking for a new wife, so with the assistance of a friend who sets up a fake audition for a non-existent film role, he is able to choose among numerous girls one auditioner, the enchanting and mysterious Asami, who turns out to be a psycho.

When Asami realizes that Aoyama is a liar, she paralyzes Aoyama, strips him and lays him on the floor, then sticks needles in the areas where she knew it would hurt the most: in his belly, under his eyes. She then cuts off his foot using a wire saw.

One distubring scene involves a naked man kept prisoner inside a sack. Asami would feed the prisoner by vomiting into a bowl and offering it to the man, who hungrily eats her vomit.

Not only does the movie have painful torture scenes, its overall feel is so creepy, so nightmare-inducive. Run a Google search of "movie torture scenes" and this one always turns up.

#4 Irréversible (2002)
Gaspar Noé

The Fire Extinguisher Scene
Marcus' girlfriend Alex gets raped and beaten by a gay man. To avenge her, Marcus searches for the rapist, a guy called The Tenia, in an underground club called The Rectum. Marcus gets in a fight with a guy he thought was The Tenia, the guy then breaks his arm. Marcus' friend Pierre defends him by smashing the guy's face with a fire extinguisher repeatedly until the guy's face was fatally crushed beyond recognition.

It's so realistic, you actually se how the face is crushed with every blow. You will never look at fire extinguishers the same way again.

This torture of a movie was met with disgust for its graphic scenes, with movie audiences walking out of the theater nauseated - the camera was shaky and most of the time, spinning for no reason. This French movie's highlight is the scene where my favorite actress Monica Bellucci is raped for nine whole minutes, without any cuts. I felt my heart crushed with every thrust, and all I can think of was Kick him in the balls and run!

Girls, don't walk through an underpass alone at night.

#3 Saw II (2005)
Darren Lynn Bousman

The Pit of Syringes
Among all of Jigsaw's famous traps, the needle pit has to be the worst. One syringe is enough to incite fear. Imagine thousands.

Amanda, a former junkie, is thrown into a shallow pit full of used syringes, to search for that one syringe with a key that will unlock the door and let all of them out of the room they were trapped in.

After the scene, I paused the movie to pee. My knees buckled on my way to the bathroom, and when I got there I couldn't pee.

#2 Ichi The Killer (2001)
Takashi Miike

The Hot Oil Scene
When Kakihara's yakuza boss goes missing, he tortures Suzuki, a member of a rival clan, to confess to the crime. Suzuki wakes up suspended on hooks pierced through his back. Kakihara then proceeds to shove sharp metal sticks through his body, and then pours boling oil all over him.

Suzuki was then proven to be innocent, and Kakihara, to show remorse and self-punishment,slices off his own tongue.

The whole movie is a torture in itself, I kept hearing myself saying "What the fuck!!!" but I sat through it, knowing that the director is Takashi Miike, who also directed Audition and the #1 movie on my list which is...

#1 Imprint (2005)
Takashi Miike

The Missing Ring Scene
Whores in a remote island whorehouse torture Komomo, a fellow whore, when she is accused of stealing the Madame's jade ring. In an effort to make her confess to the crime, the Madame orders to inflict pain but not to damage Komomo's body, as she is a business asset.

So they burn her armpits with lighted incense sticks. That was painful, and I thought that was it. I was wrong.

Komomo did not steal the ring, so she could not confess or tell them where it is even if she wanted to. So they keep torturing her. They drive long, thick sewing needles under her fingernails, one needle for each fingernail.

I thought the torture was done, I was wrong again.

They stick needles into her gums, until six needles were left sticking out of her mouth. As a finishing touch they hang her upside down by her foot.

This movie really made me sick, literally sick, like dizzy.

I watched it twice.

That's my list. If you've seen any of the movies, I hope you agree with me. If you have seen more torture movies not in the list, please tell me so I can watch it too.

Byebye Mwahchupa. Labia all!

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Ako si Yow said...

Kinakabahan ako the whole time binabasa ko to. Nakakatakot pero parang I wanna watch it all.
Parang wala kasi ako napanood kahitr isa. Haha.

Dapat umieenglish? Sige. Ikaw na!

Poldo said...

akala ko maling blog site etong napuntahan ko... parang iba kasi ule yung settings ng site mo bossing..

anyway... same here.. I like those kind of movies. Squirting blood, torturing to death and removing body parts softly and gently...

Maybe you can also include here "the BoogeyMan 2" and "texas chainsaw massacre"

Robbie said...

Shet nanghihina na ako habang binabasa ko to. Pero syempre basa pa din kasi nakaka-intriga pero ptah.

yung sa Saw 3 lang ang napanuod ko at yung rape scene sa Fuck Me. Grrr hindi ko kayang sikmurahin yung mga ganitong movies eh. Hahaha.

Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

damn jap movies they're freakin weird and crazy lols~
at napaenglish din ako sa poste mo glentot hehehe...

1 movie lng napanood ko sa list mo yung number 3 waahhh creepy hehe~~

paci said...

di ko pa napapanood mga ito. sad.

Jepoy said...

isa lang napanood ko ung saw 3...

Hinang hina ako after kong panoorin, at nung nasa kakahuyan kame sa isang forest sa states mamatay me sa takot pota. Yung human centepede trailer lang after kong panoorin hindi me nag lunch...ayoko ng gantong palabas gusto mga one more chance ganun aahhaha

Pao said...

My goodness! Ayokong basagin ang trip pero masaya ba talaga ang mg ganitong films? Hehe, I'll stick to my own stuffs na lang. Reading it alone could make me puke.

2ngawzki said...

nose bleed!at dahil mhlig k z mga muving png mtbay n zkmura,i suggest u wtch hostel..kalevel ng mga yan.hehehe!

Ayie said...

Ayoko. Ayoko. Ayoko. Pakiramdam ko madededo rin ako. Baka hindi pa man ako makapangalahati, naihi na ako sa salawal ko nun.

Masakit yung needle sa ilalim ng kuko, yung sakit daw nun beyond words na sakit.

ngayon pa lang nanghihina na ako eh...

Fickle Cattle said...

Ok, thanks for this list of movies that I will never ever watch.

DRAKE said...

I heytchu! Gaya gaya ka!

Basahin mo ito

Yj said...

you clearly haven't seen LET THEM DIE SOWLY

ahahahahaha gawa gawa ko lang yan... pero feeling ko meron talagang ganyang movie...

khantotantra said...

Nakakatakot ung mga nasa list.

nakakaaliw ung centipede, dapat dumami kaso grabe lang.

ung sa saw 2, napanood ko un, isang hukay na may injection tapos hahanapin ung susi, hinagis lang ung babae dun :p

KESO said...

grabe. di ko yata kakayanin mapanood yang mga yan. :| pero ma-try nga minsan. :D

Rah said...

nice movie! Try mo din yung In the Realm of the Senses directed by Nagisa Ôshima down load mo sa torrent. Gusto ko din yung Hostel. 1 and 2.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. i tried to be brave kaso napa-skip read ako. ayoko ng ganitong mga eksena! ayokoooo!!!

*scrolss up*


kikilabotz said...

pareng glentot meron akong movie na gnyan din..ito ay shake rattle n roll..katakot sobra. hahaha

i watched it more than twice.hahahahahaha

orally said...

only saw irreversible. and i love monica bellucci too

Oliver said...

buti na lang tapos na akong kumain nung basahin ko ito, haha.
wala pa akong napapanood sa movies na ito, pero mukhang di ako tatagal. =p

caloy said...

nanghihina ako sa mga nabasa ko. leche. hahahaha!

tim said...

Juice ko, nag lalaway ako sa mga sinasabi mo.. ako nowadays di na masyado watch ng horror, kasi ako minsan na hohorror na...

Ollie said...

meron akong naka bookmarked na site kung saan free akong nakaka nood ng online movies at ni search ko sa data base nila kung meron na silang Baise-Moi - zero result. hehehe, mukhang yun lang ang kaya kong panoorin, the rest NUNCA - madik kayat!

an_indecent_mind said...

di ko trip ang mga ganito.. mahina ako sa mga duguan at pain inflicting scenes! baka nga mapanaginipan ko pa at bangungutin ako! hahaha!!
tama na ako sa mga MILF movies! hek hek!

silentassasin said...

Mahilig ka pala sa mga mga lists mo yung Saw 3 lang napanood ko. Pero base sa pictures at description mo mukhang magiging number 1 sa akin yung The Human Centipede. Ibang level na eh..imaginen mo pa lang parang nakasususuka na.

gillboard said...

wala yung sa hostel? yung sa haponesa?

Graphic Designer said...

yung mga tinatambuchong aso, torture panuorin yun hehe

Benh said...

waaahhh.. ang gross pre at morbid.. napanood ko ung imprint pero di ko tinapos.. di kinaya.. haha!

btw, just followed you. nice home.

Tong-tong said...

tumigil ang blood circulation ko after reading these. whew. tubig tubig..

magdodownload ako ng mga yan..
i kinda like those movies.

Myrtea said...

unwholesome, unwholesome, unwholesome! made me sick to death.

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

langya tol. kakakilabotz tong post natoh.. di ko natapos basahin. hehe

-=K=- said...

Ako rin I like Saw! Watched Saw 1, 2 and 3. I noticed that most of the movies you mentioned aren't mainstream? But they seem interesting. Especially the centipede. I hope I can find it in torrent. Thanks for sharing. I like blood and gore and all of those nasty shit too. :) Hehe!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of Wax also gave me the creeps. Boo!

Jag said...

SHEEEEEETTTT!!!! Yun lang masasabi ko grabe! Mahilig kasi akong manood ng mga katatakutan...nagsitayuan na balahibo ko sa picture pa lang...

pusang kalye said...

OMG---diko matagalan manuod ng mga movies na to--napapa-ihi ako na diko alam so I promised myself not to do it anymore. the pics in your post reminded of some of the scenes I watched in the past at parang ramdam ko parin sakit. andun yung curiosity but I guess I am not brave enough. sandali, bat ba kailanagn torture post? hehehe

pusang kalye said...

fetish ito!!!!!!!lol

Boris said...

sheett sumakit ulo ko. sorry I just browsed kasi di ko kayang tumingin or manuod ng ganyan :(

POY said...

tang inang post diba!! hahaha baka tamang tama matapos ko to basahin sasabog ako!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I was wincing while reading your descriptions. I only got to watch the Saw films.

Fingernails!!! Stitched mouth to anus! OMG... I want to watch. And hyperventilate.

Momel said...

Motherfucker, we have the same taste. Takashii Mikee? Imprint? Goddamit, look out for Lucio Fulci's films (he's Boss when it comes to ocular trauma), Feast 2 and 3's good (tends to be a little excessive and indulgent though), and then there's this film, Brutal, where they had Dickie Rolls.

I'll be adding you to my roll now.


Nicos said...

Nakakilabot.. waaaahhhh!!! dapat di ko na lang binasa!

Maldito said...

di ba walang pictures to dati?[potah..ang hirap na ngang basahin noong wala pang pics, how much more na mering hint kung ano ang nangyayari? shitt....ang hirap sikmurahin.ahahaha...

last na pinanood ko na nasuka ako ng major major is turistas. noond kinukuha ang liver niya habang gising. shit d ba? potah.

Anonymous said...

shaks! nakita ko na naman ang human centipede at yang scene na yan!!! hahahahaha

pero may mas gore at brutal pa pala dito.... grabe mga foreign movies na ganyan no?

dodownloadin ko din iba. sana meron sa btjunkies

Anonymous said...

brod watch SALO OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM. im sure your gonna like this one.

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