the horror story challenge

A few weeks ago naisip ni Claudiopoi na mag-organize ng isang horror-fest. Ang challenge: magsulat ng isang horror story at i-post on May 31. So I'm deviating from my usual bullshit-writing to make way for this one time fictional horror story na sinulat ko sa Baguio last week. Here's my entry to the Horror Story Challenge.

I was born in a time of superstition. I believe in the supernatural, the unexplainable. I respect folklore, so much more than history itself. I know of the mythical creatures from so often hearing about them in stories told during countless stormy nights. Most of all, I fear the dark, and I have a very good reason to.

When I was just a boy, my whole family boarded a ship bound from Manila to C--. On its second night at sea, the ship went ablaze and sank, leaving me and my little sister among a handful of survivors. Orphaned and left in an unfamiliar town, with no family to go to, we wandered through the streets of C-- until we were adopted by a kind elderly woman. Her real name was Luisa G-- but she was more commonly known as the Kapitana. She lived in a big house in the wealthier part of the town, married to the affluent Geronimo L-- of Spanish descent. The Kapitana herself was adopted when she was a child.

We looked up to the Kapitana as we would our mother. She cared for us as her own, raised us in comfort and gave us a Catholic upbringing. She was a devout believer; we never missed a single Sunday mass, we prayed the rosary even before we learned how to read and write. It was also she who instilled in us an early fear of the supernatural. She maintained that the earth was inhabited not only by man and beast, but also by a motley range of creatures more ancient and of a higher nature.

Stories of quiet horror filled our childhood. We learned to never cross a mambabarang, or be impolite to an albularyo. We learned to be wary of the vengeful engkanto or of the tricky tikbalang. We knew better than to be caught in the streets at night, or to forget to whisper a prayer before bed.

Her favorite story to tell us was about the manananggal. She said that there is more to the manananggal than a craving for flesh at certain times of the month. She said manananggals are actually humans who sold their soul to the devil to be immortal. The separation of the upper body from the lower half was not only a violation of natural laws, it was an utter desecration of oneself, an upfront taunt, a mockery screamed at the face of God.

According to the Kapitana, the first manananggal she heard of was from the D-- family, hailing from I--, a distant small town, barely a dot on the map, from several years ago. In that town, a rumor about the D-- family spread like fire; the mother, Demetria, was a manananggal, and so were some of her children. Now this mother was a magnificent, strong woman, and though the rumors were persistent, there was never any proof.

Yet stories of massacre sprang up; two victims were recorded. One was a woman in her seventh month of pregnancy, the other was an infant twin not even a month old. Both deaths were marked not just by the cruelty of murder or the shock of bloodshed, but also by a devilish symbol: a tiny hole through the nipa roof.

Demetria then died of some disease and was hurriedly buried. After her burial the whole family moved north and never returned since. The massacres stopped, further solidifying the rumors spread among the people of I--. After less than a year, news of similar crimes in a distant town reached them, causing the people to fear again the great evil that once haunted them. One night, to confirm the suspicion, several men snuck into the cemetery to exhume Demetria's remains. The coffin was empty, and there was no sign of it being ever occupied.

The D-- family moved to our town twenty years ago. The rumor of course followed them, but we never heard about any unexplained deaths, and none of us have ever seen Demetria. Still the Kapitana always reminded us to beware of them.

I was seventeen when the Kapitana, in her advanced years, started to weaken with age. From being a vivacious, sweet and warm mother she turned into a quiet, bitter woman who just refused to succumb to death. She abandoned her old Catholic ways and lay in bed all day, waiting for her time to come.

I will not be ashamed to include in my story my incestuous relationship with my little sister. I searched myself for the reason the Kapitana lost her amor for us and this was the only thing I could think of. When the Kapitana found out that my sister was pregnant with our child, she suffered a heart attack, and all I could do was watch as she struggled for life. My sister and I were driven out of the house, no longer a part of a family.

With no place to go, we lived on the streets, living off on scrap food and donations, waiting for the forgiveness that never came.

Almost immediately, news of the Kapitana's death reached us, and we were to blame. We could no longer count on people's kindness. The Kapitana was well loved. My sister and I, her adopted children, an incestuous couple, were her murderers.

We decided to move from the mournful city streets to the barrio, a secluded forest area by the sea, where no one knew us. We built a small hut, and we prepared to endure the coming months, to wait for our child to be born.

After four months of cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world, I ventured out of the forest back into the city in search for a living. There I was met with cruel eyes. No one spoke to me, and I felt like an outcast from the society I once belonged to. I have never seen so many closed doors, I have never heard so many hurtful words in a day. It was almost dusk when I made a decision. With a heaving heart my footsteps led me to the only place where I knew an outcast like me will be welcomed: the household of the D-- family.

It was the thought of this grim task that brought me almost subconsciously to the fences of the D-- home, a big house behind a clump of mango trees. I called out, at first with a soft voice, like how it is when you want something but are too ashamed to ask for it. I called out again, until a young woman of about my age emerged from between the trees and asked me what I needed.

Immediately, my first thoughts were about how normal she looked. After years of avoiding direct contact with any of them, I found myself looking at her face, and speaking with her, telling her how I was in need of a job.

Her puzzled look answered me, and I knew then that it was useless. I started to turn away when she called out, "Bumalik ka bukas ng umaga at kausapin mo si Tatay, baka may maialok sya sa iyo."

I said "Salamat," and went my way. I was resisting an urge to look back, but after taking a few steps I turned around, and the young woman was gone. Instead I saw someone else from behind one of the trees, lurking around, watching me leave.

It was an old woman, thin and tiny, who can only be one person: Demetria, the manananggal who faked her death.

Immediately I was possessed by a dread I cannot explain. The woman was there, I could make out her figure from behind the trunk, and I caught myself reciting my prayers, while walking quickly away. I could feel her eyes behind me, piercing into me.

I kept walking and praying. The words kept coming out of my mouth but my mind was reeling with something else, something more real than a prayer, something tangible and dangerous. I kept walking and soon it was beginning to get dark. I was almost at the edge of the forest when my real terrors began.

I had that unmistakable feeling of being followed.

It was subtle and quiet, but the presence was there, watching me from the shadows. I turned around a couple of times but I saw nothing, yet as I walked I kept hearing the slightest footfall, the softest exhale, the most sinister footsteps of a predator at the tail of its prey.

I abandoned all efforts of calmness. I ran for my life. All I could think of was my unborn child, waiting for me. Soon I could see our tiny house in the distance, surrounded by darkness, and as I reached it the darkness has been replaced by the moon's light. I kept running, and a few feet from the door I called out to my sister, who was quick to open the door. I leapt through the few steps that made up the ladder* to the door, flew inside and shut the door behind me.

I fell to the floor as my strength left me. Exhaustion, it seemed, caught up with me, and I felt lightheaded. A darkness was gathering around my vision, like my consciousness was about to leave me, but I tried so hard not to faint, as a more terrfying reality brought me back to my senses:

I led the manananggal right to where my pregnant sister was.

I turned the gasera off and motioned for my sister to be quiet. Darkness immediately crept and shrouded us, and for a moment wecould see nothing and nothing could see us and we felt safe. Yet in a few moments my eyes grew accustomed to the dark, and soon I could see my sister, outlined in silver by the moonlight seeping into the cracks between the wooden planks of our wall.

I lay down on the floor and listened, my sister lying beside me. It was all quiet. Not a thing stirred around us, yet I knew then that this was a false sense of peace, that horror was about to befall us. I knew the woman was out there with us, outside, waiting...

I prayed, prayed with all the strength I have left, prayed for safety during this black night. To fall asleep now would mean death. I lay and stared at the nipa roof, my heart furiously beating inside me, and I could feel the blackness again, permeating not just the room but my mind, and as my thoughts raced, all was drowned in black.

I felt a tug at my shoulder and instantly I knew that I had fainted, and I had no idea how much time passed since. It was my sister lying beside me, quietly ushering me into wakefulness. But there was an urgency in her touch, as if an unknown evil has gripped her, and she could not shout for help. It was still deathly quiet around us. Her hand on my shoulder alone warned me of what was happening.

"Bakit?" I whispered, as the fear from which I was momentarily spared seeped back into my soul. She did not answer me. I held her face, she was burning with fever. Her hand still clutching my shoulder, I got up and that was when I saw the blood.

Oozing from a small cut in her belly, the bloodstain was unmistakable even in the dim moonlight. I lifted the hem of her clothes and found the wound, like an ugly smile on her skin.

I needed no further confirmation, this was the work of the manananggal. And as if to answer me, I looked at our nipa roof, and directly above where my sister lay was a small hole. It looked like an evil eye, about to convey a world of pain onto us.

I whispered to my sister to try to sleep. She nodded and as she did, I fumbled around and found a rusty kinfe. I slowly climbed on top of a table, and drawing myself to full height, I waited, with the knife in my hand. I closed my eyes and imagined the trees outside, where surely the manananggal is now perched, waiting for the perfect moment to strike again.

I stood there on top of the table, looking over my sister who was lying almost right below me. She was still bleeding. The cut was small though and not critical. She must have woken up to the pain in her gut and interrupted the manananggal. My knees were getting numb from standing on top of the table, my back was aching, and for what seemed like an hour I waited there.

My legs were starting to buckle and I was about to climb down the table to rest for a bit when I heard the unmistakable shift in the wind, the graceful swooping of wings, quiet and sinister, on top of our roof. I felt the nipa roof above me take the weight of a winged being, slowly and quietly it planted itself on our roof. I held my breath as a supreme fear flowed through every vein in my body.

Soon enough a black finger carefully pierced through hole, enlarging the small opening. My heart stopped as I realized that the only thing between me and the manananggal was the nipa roof. Demetria, of whom I only heard before, now crouched above me, her heartbeat like a drum playing a death march in my head.

A black piece of string started lowering into the hole and descended slowly, its tip trembling, searching the air, drawing a straight path down to where my sister lay helplessly below. I waited and watched. It was black and thick, straight and slimy, and its tip moved further down the room. It was like a serpent's tongue, quivering, sensing, blindly searching for the first wound it sliced through my sister's skin, determined to finish the job.

I could almost feel the air around me pulsating, as I watched the spot where the manananggal crouched. I extended my hand toward the tongue. Just a few more inches before I could reach it with the knife. I could almost feel it breathing its evil breath as the tip of its tongue reached the cold steel. Alarmed, the string was hastily drawn up into the hole on the roof.

It was slick and quick, in a matter of seconds the string has vanished from the hole. As the end of the string disappeared, I heard a loud flapping of great wings, and I could imagine a gigantic bird taking flight from our roof and into the sky. The weight on the nipa was released, and soon it was quiet again.

I was not a fool though. I knew just how strong the manananggal's hunger was.

I stayed on top of the table, with my hand positioned near the hole, my fingers around the knife, ready to snip the string off at the earliest chance. This time, I resolved to never let it get away. I stared at the hole for what seemed like an eternity.

No fingers pierced the hole, no tongue pushed through. All was peaceful and calm. I supposed I can lay again on the floor and not sleep this time, instead watch our for the evil tongue again. If we survive the attack tonight, the manananggal will be back the next day. I had to finish it tonight. I climbed down from the table and decided to attend to my sister's wound.

Her eyes stared lifelessly at me. Her round belly was now hollow.

And what I saw through the slits between the bamboo strips of our floor was an image I will forever carry in my mind. It was the manananggal, lying on the ground under our house, face up, its tongue a black thread extending upwards and through the bamboo slats, sucking my sister's guts from beneath.

Slowly I crept toward my sister, now dead and and still being sucked dry. The manananggal was devouring her with gusto, ecstatic, its eyes delirious with lust, and I took the opportunity to slowly prop my sister's body up, grip the demonic tongue and with a definite SNIP! cut it right out of the manananggal's evil mouth.

The cry I heard was the worst part of it all. The sound was nothing human, it was purely animal. It was the sound of a hundred pigs being slaughtered, the desperate flapping of wings against the bamboo floor and the earth, the great thuds as the mananaggal hit the ground repeatedly. Its flailing hands scratched violently on the bamboo slats as it crawled from under the house into the night.

I jumped and in no time reached the window, and there it was, like a wounded beast, struggling to pick itself up from the ground, screaming, retching, vomiting blood. The winged torso, after falling a few more times, managed to spread its wings and fly, but a few feet from where it fell, it got tangled into a few branches of trees, like a fly caught in a cobweb.

And as I watched, it turned its head back to me and looked at me, and I saw its bloody face.

It was the face of the devil, and several years later I can still see it in my mind. It turned away as its hands untangled itself from the tree, and soon it gained wind and flew away, on top of the trees and into the black, endless dark of the night.

Several years have passed since, the memory it conjures is still so fresh. After that night I left our house, my sister, my life behind and lost myself in the world's crowds, away from evil. I just walked, walked until I reached a place where nobody knew me. I lost track of who and where I was, and years after I woke up amidst a roaring, bustling city life. My clothes were dirty and tattered, my hair a sticky clump growing to my waist, my nails long and mangled. My face reflected the life of a broken man, charred, muddied, beyond recognition.

I was again an outcast. A tin can sits before me, awaiting sympathy, inviting sorrow.

It was not noise which woke me from the despair I wallowed in, it was the absence of it. It was not words, but the lack of it. I woke up today to tell my story, because today, as I sat on the pavement, a familiar clinging rang through my ears as a solitary peso dropped into my can. I looked up and said "Salamat", and she smiled at me, and said "Walang anuman" but not with words, but with the hand gestures of someone who was obviously mute.

I swear it was Luisa, or more commonly known as the Kapitana.

*Nipa huts, standing on four corner posts, are commonly elevated two to three feet from the ground. The roof is made of nipa, the walls are made of sawali and the floor is made of bamboo slats.

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hArTLeSsChiq said...

at talagang sinara ko ang bintana dito sa kwarto...haha

so siya pala ang manananggal talaga..kawawa naman si Demetria at yung family niya, naging outcast buong buhay nila bcoz of false accusation...tsk tsk

di ko alam kung cover up lang or talagang nagbabagong buhay na si Kapitana. Na nadisappoint lang siya sa nangyari sa mga ampon niya kaya bumalik siya sa dating gawi at kinain yung nasa sinapupunan nung babae. Ako na ang nagbigay ng sariling interpretation ng character ni ate

Ewan ko basta alam ko ang creepy ng ending. Kung ako yung guy baka mapipi din ako pagkakita kay kapitana.nakakapanindig balahibo

khantotantra said...

buti na lang at sa opisina ako nagbabasa nitong kwento mo. ATlist madami kami dito. lols. As if naman may baby sa tyan ko, Fats lang to, hindi sanggol.

may kutobs akong si kapitana ang mananaggal.

ang hirap sa mga liblib na barrio ay masyadong nagiging judgemental. poor family ni dimentria. tsk tsk.

tabian said...

it crept me even if I was in the office reading your post..teka bat ako umeenglish?
nicely done, nalala ko yung mga old school horror films and the notorious Lilia Cuntapay..may feeling nga ako sya ang inspiration mo sa story..hehe

clap, clap, clap glentot! :)

nyabach0i said...

parang gusto ko rin gumawa ng horror story kaso baka hindi kaya ng pananalita ko. bwahaha.

pagiisipan ko. hehe.

empi said...

Buti na lang at ngayong umaga ko lang nabasa ito. Baka hindi ako nakatulog kung kagabi ko ito nabasa.

Grabe! Uhaw na uhaw na talaga si Kapitana kaya ang mga ampon ang pinunterya. tsk tsk

The Gasoline Dude said...

Wow! Blogging to the next level! Kudos to you, Claudiopoi, and the other bloggers for this superb project.

Wala akong masabi sa paraan ng pagsulat. The way each scenario was described... GALING! Tagos sa five senses! It was like  reading a book.

The ending was kinda predictable though. Medyo inexpect ko na si Kapitana 'yung manananggal. At napa-WTF?! ako sa incestuous relationship ng protagonist and his sister.

But overall, it was a great read. MORE! MORE! MORE!

Marjorie said...

nicely written, gripping, and creepy. i also loved the twist in the end, good job glentot :)

[daemonite] said...

superb writing!

but i have a different interpretations and i reserved the right to hold it...

nice entry...

catchy... frightening... classic!

Will said...

oh shit iba na pala ang style ng manananggal ngayon. dapat ibaba na ang mga kubo sa lupa.

galing ng shtory mo, nicely written, swear!

Akoni said...

Buti nalang skip read ako, ano pala kwento dito?

MOKS™ said...

Ang haba at english pa! Mabuti na lang at nasa meeting ang mga bossing at superior. Aaminin ko nagskip read ako. Kahit na maganda ang pagkakasulat na mala novela. May part na nakakakilabot, lalo na kung magisa akong nagbabasa nito sa gabi. Hahaha tanghaling tapat pa lang kaya di ako masyado natakot.

Ollie said...

I'm actually contemplating - kung ako gaganap sa role nung bida - paano ko bibigyang buhay through facial expression yung katapusan. - Goosebumps! (talagang sinasalin ko na sa film eh no) naks!

Diamond R said...

Ang sarap basahin English pero madaling intindihin. Galing.

iya_khin said...

omg nawala ang comment ko!!!!

anyway ulitin ko nalang!

sabi ko ayos ito parang novel na ang binasa ko.buti nalang mahilig ako sa horror kaso english dinugo ako kahit walang manananggal! ahahha!

si kapitana pala talaga ang mumu pinake nya lang ang death nya para mabiktima kayo! wahahaha

more pa gawa ka pa..sunod yung meron namang labas ang bituka or lasog-lasog ang katawan! hahaha

KikomaxXx said...

hahaha nosebleed sayang kung pwede palang magskip read kanina ko pa ginawa... kaya pala nagmamarathon kayo ng katatakotan... pero anyways macomment ko lang sa mananaggal eh makabago na pala mga manananggal di pinaglulumaan.. hahahaha

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

@Will Tama ka! nag iiba na pala ng style ang mananggal ngayon pag naramdaman nilang may eeksena sa pag atake nila sa biktima!

Infairness Glenn kung ito ung gagawing Shake,Rattle and Roll,bebenta uli ang horror movies!

Placida said...

Hmmm.. Ewan ko lang ha.
Nung unang basa ko pa lang sa name ni Kapitana, naisip ko na sya yung mumu d2. Base sa name ni Kapitan Tyago ba yun? Yung original na aswang. O basta kapitan nga yun.
Yung about sa family D, pwede pa rin totoo yun, pwedeng hnd. Basta nung nabasa ko yung ending, binalikan ko yung istorya. Sabi kasi nga d b nung nanghina si Kapitana tumalikod na sya sa mga pananampalatay nya kay Lord at ayaw nya pa tlga mamatay? Tapos natuklasan nya p nga yung gnawa ng magkapatid so nagdesisyon na syang ibenta soul nya sa demonyo.
Ayun nga, tingin ko dun palang sya naging manananggal. At naghiganti na rin sya dun sa magkapatid.
Anyway, nakakatakot nga talaga. At hindi ako madaling matakot as mga horror story sa lagay n yan ah.

jeanne said...

wow ! ang gaLing mo taLaga kuya gLenn ! :))) haLos mamatay ako sa takot .

Anonymous said...

humanda ito mamayang gabi sa akin.

habang nakascapular ako, at may dalang bawang, bangkao, at prayer booklet? haha :)

swear. excited na akong basahin to mamayang gabi! sayang! sana madami pa tayong nirecruit, master glenttot! hehe :D

- claudiopoi

Maldito y Maldita said...

waah ang creepy haha. nagsara ang butas ng pwet ko sa takot at sa twist. and aylavet.

taribong said...

Ang galing!!!

Ang galing talaga!!!

Babasahin ko ito sa mga pamangkin ko!!!!!

Two thumbs up, Glenn!!!!!!

Keep it up!!!!!!!!

claudiopoi said...

wow. this is actually the first time that i read an english post from you, master glenttot. (i think)

and i'm at awe sa detailing mo, and the description of each sequence. tama nga ang mga sinabi nila, pwede itong storyline para sa isang movie.

at first, i thought a fiction story involving a manananggal would not be as effective as a story drawn from personal experience.

but as it turns out, this is equally frightening. grabe lang. kasi kahit ako, i was also born in a superstitious world, and early on, i was also drawn to the supernatural, and creatures that subsisted in darkness.

astig tong gawa mo. grabe. you should write more stuff like this! :)

Louie said...

My oh my! Ang galing ng pagkakwento, Sir Glenn. So much for imagery! Shet! At ang twists, lupit!

When I was younger, madalas akong magdala ng pack of asin pag inuutusan ako sa gabi. Sabi sa akin, asin lang daw, tepok na ang manananggal.

I agree with Claudiopoi. Write more of these. Im a fan now! :)

Jepoy said...

Structure kang putangina ka!

ang galing ng kwentong mangkukulam u!

poks said...

ngayon ko lang ginawa ito dito..talagang hindi ko binasa..yung intro lang...bwahahaha!! sowee naman at talagang nuno ako ng kaduwagan sa mga ganyan..kaya never mo akong mappanood ng mga horror ekek!

goyo said...

Naimagine ko si demetria na kamukha ni lilia cuntapay, mukhang aswang pero hindi. Si kapitana, tessie tomas. Lol. Tapos ikaw yung bida. Haha. Tang ina incest, gusto ko yung part na umatake sa ilalim ng kubo. Galing ser!

mike said...

well written mr. glentot. you got my attention from the beginning to the end. the incest part threw me off a bit but hey, you got my attention. kudos.

Kaitee said...

I like it! Ang galing!

isp101 said...

Amf, nakaka pangalisag ng balahibo! Kawawa sila demetria, hayyy, napagbintangan pa... All in all, panalo kana Glentot! Very nice piece, para kang professional writer, hehehe! Great job! =)

stevevhan said...

hahahahaha, tatayo ako.
papalakpak ng dahan dahan.....habang papalakas!

Ganda ng story mu,nagulat lang ako dun sa Demetria, nagpanggap siya na patay!? oh no, at si kapitana pala ang murderer, may pa rosaryo rosaryo pa, naku kung nandun ako, lalabasin ko talaga yun tapos paptayin!, naku, kakagigil!


I believe in this creature because when my aunt was pregnant she have encountered something like this, the pain, the screams is also the same when they fought that evil flying devil!, yes they did!, that's when that flying evil never come back to get my aunt's baby (in womb)

chilaxjukebox said...

well done pare! hands down.

Bino said...

binasa ko to ng magisa ako sa kwarto, tanging liwanag lamang ng monitor ng laptop ang nagbibigay ng liwanag sa buong silid. kakakilabot. nakakatakot. ganunpaman, maganda ang pagkakagawa ng storya. astig! pero tumaas ang balahibo ko sa lahat ng parte ng katawan ko

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

nice pare.. ang galing ng story... kahit mahaba, worth basahin talaga pag ikaw ang nagsulat... pinabasa ko toh sa asawa ko at hanggang ngayun ayaw nyang tapusin.. natakot bigla. hehe

mommy-razz said...

ang haba glentot.. napagod ako sa pagbabasa.. haha! joke!

horror pala ito.. #takotMUch ako..:P

russ said...

to all bloggers: this entry is my sample application for the part time job i'm applying, the current topic is about humor, so please comment some good one guyz.. e CCI to ng chief editor..hahaha...

pls wag nyo isiping spam to..haha..peace

crunchee said...

wow! lufet naman glentots!!! pwede nga gawing movie sa ganda ng pagkakasulat~ hanggang ngaun naiimagine ko parin ung scene sa bahay kubo!! *clap clap*

Sean said...

shit. na-shock ako sa ending. and ever since napanuod ko yung shake rattle and roll na yan, takot na ako sa manananggal. ewan, di naman ako buntis hehehe.

- A n g e l - said...

Eeeeeeeh! Kinilabutan ako pakshet. And nabother ako sa incest. Haha!

word verification ko: obabies!

Reesie said...

Natakot ako! Naalala ko yung Aswang na movie by Alma Moreno. At panalo ang ending glentot! Di ko yun inasahan. Si Kapitana pala at si Demetria ay iisa. Pero di ko kinaya ang incestuous relationship churva hap! :D

YOW said...

Binasa ko to ng ako na lang gising, lights off, laptop lang ang may liwanag. Nasa gitna na ako, nung nagbalik siya sa bahay ng mag D--, tinigil ko. Haha. Napapraning ako bigla eh, usually naman di ako affected sa mga kwento lang. Dagdag factor talaga ng dilim!

Ngayon ko lang tinuloy. Nakahinga na ako ng maluwag. Hahaha. Hayop na yan. Iniimagine ko bawat scene. Maparaan naman pala ang mananaggal, hindi makuha sa top, bumottom ang halimaw. Haha. Eh di ikaw naa! Anu ngayon kung natakot ako sa galing mo mag-english? Glentot = da bire bist ting.

jeromeshuny said...

So my interpretation is this.. the kapitana feared death as her body started to turn decrepit so she eventually sold her soul to the devil, became a manananngal (she was NOT the OG manananngal... i believe it WAS Demetria who started the whole manananggal trend and probably gave Kapitana the idea), faked her death then ate her ampon's child. Twisted. I love it.

glentot said...

hArTLeSsChiq sorry naman sa napakaagang Halloween treat hehehe... yung ending actually ang paborito kong part kahit maikli

khantotantra LOL mag-ingat ka baka mapagkamalang baby yan haha

tabian surprisingly enough I never thought of Lilia Cuntapay while writhing this, not even once. tangina ayaw pa rin paawat sa English! ikaw kasi!

nyabach0i ate gawin mo na yan kaya mo yan, takutin mo kami!

empi at dahil jan ang ilalagay kong title ng story na ito ay "UHAW SI MANANG"

The Gasoline Dude I can totally say you did not skip-read! LOL Hindi na ako nag-expect na may masusurprise pa sa ending, actually hindi ko inexpect na may magbabasa ng ganun kahaba ahaha. MORE? Sumali ka na lang sa next challenge, ibang genre na!

Marjorie I like that adjective, "gripping" hehe. thank you for the patience and the appreciation hehe

[daemonite] thank you, dahil positive ang feedback, I won't hold a grudge against you for keeping your interpretations to yourself hehehe

Will thank you, coming from someone who writes fiction regularly, that's saying something!

Akoni putah ka!!!! Kahit kelan talaga! Kuuuuuh!!!! hehehehe

MOKS hindi naman ako nagtatampo sa mga skip readers kasi hindi naman nila obligasyon magbasa at isa rin akong naghuhumindig na skip reader LOL!

Ollie haha kung ikaw ang bida, isasali na talaga ito sa Cannes! Pwede siguro yung expression mo eh poker face lang para audience na ang mag-isip kung anong ibig sabihin LOL

Diamond R salamat! ang hirap naman isulat haha

iya haha ang hilig mo talaga sa gore we should definitely have a horror movie night hahaha

KikomaxXx LOL pwedeng pwede magskipread! kahit nga no read ahahaha salamat pa rin sa effort mu

Ar-Ar Malalis Nyahihi thanks! Nagawa na ata ng SRR ang manananggal eh pero for sure yung incest hindi pa ahahaha

Placida Haha maniwala ka, hindi ko alam yang si Kapitan Tyago. May gusto akong ipangalan sa Kapitana, isang name na hindi ko maalala kaya temporarily Kapitana ang itinawag ko sa kanya hanggang sa ma-publish ang post at hindi na napalitan LOL. At tama ang interpretation mo hehe ganun nga ang nangyari. Ayoko lang i-feed lahat ng story para may maiwan pa sa imahinasyon alam ko namang matalino ang magbabasa eh hehe LOL

jeanne hala baka pag napaano ka ako pa ang sisihin ng magulang mo haha salamat po

claudiopoi first project finished, next project na ba? or break muna para makapag-regenerate ng brain fluids na natuyo recently hehehe.

Maldito y Maldita hahaha sorry naman sa sphincter mo ganyan ka pala matakot LOL

taribong kuya naman tayo tayo na lang dito naglolokohan pa? hehehehe no seriously salamat hehehehe

claudiopoi nahiya nga ako kasi sa ating lahat na nagsulat ako lang ang nagpure fiction, nag-effort much ba hahaha thanks for the appreciation and till the next project LOL

glentot said...

Louie ang narinig ko namang kwento, ilocate mo daw yung kalahating katawan nya at itago mo someplace else. LOL! salamat sa pag-effort sa pagbasa hehehe your story was really really scary too, dahil palatulog din ako sa office and madalas akong mabangungot sa bahay

Jepoy salamat sa napakasenseless na comment, pinuputol ko na ang pagkakaibigan natin! Chey! LOL

poks understood! nyahihihi next time sex stories daw ang genre. basahin mo na huh??? hehehe

goyo pwede ba ikaw na lang ang bida tapos yung gaganap na kapatid mo eh si Mila Kunis (or kung sino mang pinagpapantasyahan mo sa gabi LOL)

mike i added the incest angle coz I didn't want the hero to be too perfect hehehe thanks mike, it's a long post so thank you sa effort...

kaitee salamat sa pag-appreciate nyahaha

isp101 nakakapangalisag! i like the word nyahaha ngayon ko lang naencounter haha. salamat naman sa walang awat na papuri parang wagas lang hahaha thank you...

stevevhan may standing ovation talaga? hehehe... ang puso mo... wag magalit masyado kay Kapitana baka dalawin ka nya haha..

chilaxjukebox weh! nyahaha salamat LOL

Bino as in lahat ng parte? pati karugs at sa kilikili? nyahahahaha salamat sa pagtitiyaga!

MiDniGHt DriVer nyahaha salamat naman sa pag-pass sa misis mo at sana hindi sya buntis nung ipinabasa mo hehehe thank you

mommy-razz sorry naman, na-challenge lang kaya nagsulat nyahahaha thank you

russ sure why not hehehe

crunchee salamat po sa pag-imagine hihihi kung gagawin mang pelikula ito ako ang gagawa ng soundtrack LOL

Sean haha I wish mabuntis ka para ma-experience mo yung totoong fear nyahihi thanks sean

- A n g e l - nyahaha short and sweet! thank you! at sumakto ang wv!

Reesie hmm sobrang frowned upon ang incest ah. mission accomplished nyahihihi thanks sa pagbasa ng pagkahaba-habang post na ito hehehe

Yow, wag kang mag-alala, hindi kita pagbibintangang nagskip-read. wag mo nang isalaysay kasi wala namang quiz or essay writing nyahihihi.

jeromeshunny your comment prompted me to answer the commets. You nailed it hehehe. You put it in 2-3 sentences better than I could. Actually, the Kapitana is Demetria's granddaughter (the Kapitana was adopted) but i didn't include that in the story kasi gasgas na yung ganung revelations hehe. So she inherited the manananggal streak straight from her own folks. Thank you!!!

SALAMAT PO SA LAHAT NG NAGTYAGANG BASAHIN ITO AKALA KO DEDEDMAHIN NA LANG ITONG POST NA ITO AT ISHOSHOOT SA BANGA. So thanks at hindi nasayang ang aking effort LOL. Mwahchupa from Demetria and family.

jeromeshuny said...

Glen - galing ng story ... i completely forgot Kapitana was adopted so thanks for revealing the deleted portion of this story. You should post more often... I really enjoy your blog. I especially like stories about Sasha Fierce and Mudrax Doris (nag request pa no??) =)

SunnyToast said...

Goosebumps! buti nalang nalang dito ko binasa sa office pano nalang kung sa house ko mag isa pa naman ako.


Your new follower hope you following back:)

Placida said...

Yey! Tama ako. Haha. Ang galing ah. Apo pa pala ni Demetria si Kapitana.
Hmm... Iniisip ko tuloy kung gagawa ako ng post. Step by step guide on how to be a Mambabarang naman. Hahaha. Tinuro samin dati ng lecturer namin sa Community nursing.

Ungaz said...

bravo!!!gumana mga paking brain cells ko...masarap hulaan ang mga fill in the blanks na I,D,C...hahahaha!!! impernez may kasama talgang halay...ewnezz magkapatid tirahan.hahaha!!!

kaw na magaling susulat...english kung english...makapigil utot sa pagkasuspense.galing!!!!pwde na gmawa ng movie.hehehehe!kudos idol.nax!!!!

Placida said...

Hindi pala Kapitan Tyago kundi Kapitan Gimo. Sa kanya daw nanggaling lahi ng mga aswang.

rica said...

OH! kagabi nabasa ko na yung umpisa at nakakatakot kaya naisip kong bukas ko na lang babasahin, ngayon gabi ko din binasa, hmp! >.<

naku nasa labas yung kumot waaaa takot na ko lumabas, waaaa! sabi nga ni bob ong mas ok manood ng mga nakakatakot kasi pagtapos malilimutan mu na agad, di tulad ng pag binasa mu eh tatatak sa isip mu, aaw!

patunay na effective ka pa din sa ibang genre sir glenn, keep it up!

Kapitan Kamila said...

yung huling part di ko naintindihan.. kung di ko pa babaxahin comment ni... madz... waaaaaaaah.. kala ko kaxe ang tinutukoy mong xi kapitana eh yung nagbigay ng coin.. xorry xlow motion... at namixx ko magbaxa ditoooo... waaahhh ikaw na ang binabaxa ko pa din kahit na napaka elongated ng post!!!! :)

at belated happy birthdayy!!! :) nga pala.. bagong bahay ako.

Traveliztera said...

Glen... super... grrr ka. You are a great writer and wala akong masabi. Ikaw yung tipong writer na kahit gaano kaloko, super hindi mawawala respeto namin sayo dahil may edge kang ganito.

ANdaming twists ng story mo... !!! Descriptive kung descriptive. Eto walanghalong joke, i think i felt my heart skip a beat (hindi ung sa kanta ni bieber ok haha!) nung pa-ending na...

And pagpsensyahan mo na a... Ikaw ung naiimagine kong lalake sa story mo... Si edmi ba ung sister mo?

Traveliztera said...

oo andito ulet ako... nakalimutan kong sabihin na fave part ko ung biglang nasa ilalim na pala si manananggal... alam mo naaalala ko? ung sa jeepers creepers... kung san2x nlng bgla. haha pero maganda nga ung ending... kakakilabot... ito ung mga hilig ko basahin dude e... andami kong libro na ganito style. pwedeng pwede ka na! :)

tim said...

Horror na horror.. thank God, dami tao dito.. Kasi kung ako lang, parang kikilabutan na ako..

duking said...

ang husay ng pagkakalahad nung kwento especially yung twist hanggang dulo. pwede 'tong pang isang chapter sa shake rattle and roll!!!

xaxa said...

natrauma ako kagabi..napanaginipan ko talga..very well written...idol.

Recis said...

Hey Glen!

You've got a gift for story-telling--it's really vivid and the use of words make the story easy to digest.

Keep it up!


backPackingSheet said...

just wow. brings me back to childhood and the good ol horror comics.

Anonymous said...

Ngayon ko lang ito binasa since you posted this kasi matatakutin ako sa kahit na anong horror materials and now lalo akong na-bother sa mga initials na ginamit mo. My family name's Divinagracia and we're from Ilo-ilo. Anyway, this is pure fiction, right?

glentot said...

Hi! Uu this is purely fiction. Randomly lang akong nag-isip ng mga initials na yun... hehehe... Sorry na-bother ka...

June | Life and Spices said...

Dito ako sobrang humanga sayo Glen.. Sabi ko shet ang GALINg magsulat ni Glen.. kahit mahuli ako sa opis di ko talaga pinalampas na mabasa ang post mo... I was blown away! shet!




Jemaima Robles said...

napakahusay. kinilabutan ako. ang ganda ng twist. naglaro na sa utak ko na napagkamalan ang D- family noong una hanggang nakumbinse ako sa kalagitnaan na aswang nga sila. and then the twist na tila nagbigay ng flashback how they were raised by kapitana to be eaten someday. ibinalik sa aking alaala ang halos hawig na encounter ko nung nakatira ako sa probinsya. tanong lang: bakit kaya di pa sila kinain ng kapitana dati kasabay ng ilang pagkamatay noong bata pa sila?

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