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Do you remember where you were when you first heard of Doraemon? I think I was in third year high school. I remember watching it after classes, right when I get home. There was something about this 3-episode daily show that really captured my attention, and in the process I may have lost some precious moments with my high school friends, because instead of hanging out with them, I always had to rush home just to watch this cat robot and his dorky friend.

You can't blame me, hanging out with Doraemon was a lot better than hanging out with my friends. At least Doraemon didn't judge me and my life decisions. I watched religiously like my life depended on it. Mostly because it was fun, but partly because I could relate to Nobita: helpless, weak and lonely.

Doraemon, the blue robotic cat, travelled from the future so he can help Nobita, a bona fide wimpy kid, in his affairs. Doraemon, being from the future, has a wide collection of gadgets with which he helps Nobita in his daily woes. In the process of helping him, they wind up in even bigger trouble, which they eventually get over and they pick up a lesson or two after.

This format, so simple and wholesome during its entire run, is actually endearing even to a grownup like me. If I could, I'd probably still watch Doraemon until now. This is why when I heard of a new Doraemon movie showing in the theaters, I didn't have to think twice.

Like any self-respecting adult I picked the late night showing, hoping that the theater won't be full of kids. I was right. The theater was almost empty. There were probably less than 20 viewers. The only people I saw in the theater were the hardcore Doraemon fans, some even older than me, and some were even wearing Doraemon shirts. These people, just like me, must have at some point forgotten about Doraemon and they joy of watching it, but the nostalgia was just too much to bear. We just HAD to see the movie.

I admit, I wasn't expecting too much. I was aware that I am a twenty-eight fully grown male adult impervious to feelings and emotions and tears but SHIT when Doraemon first showed up in Nobita's room from the table drawer he used to make his entrance in, I just had to suppress an inner shiver, because I felt that just like Doraemon, I was travelling back in time, back to those afternoons after school.

Early on in the movie I went to the toilet to pee, so I won't have to do it later when the important ending scenes come on. I had to run down the stairs and up again just so I won't miss anything. The whole process, from running down, to running to the toilet, peeing, to running back to the theater and up the stairs to my seat - took less than a minute. I did it as quickly as possible so as not to distract the other watchers in the theater.

The story is pretty decent, it can hold itself against other children stories. The 3D version takes some getting used to, and the voices too. Maybe I just miss the old Doraemon version so much, but this doesn't mean the movie did not give it justice, because it did.

In a nutshell, it tells the first meeting of Doraemon and Nobita (named Nobi in this movie). Doraemon was sent from the future to Nobita's timeline, so he can help Nobita set his affairs straight so he doesn't end up growing old and unhappy. Doraemon's task was simplified when he found out that Nobita had a raging, burning crush for Shizuka (Sue in the movie), his classmate. In order to ensure Nobita's happiness in the future, he needed to help him ensure that he marries Shizuka in the future by making him desirable to Shizuka. Until Doreamon succeeds in that, he can never go back to his own timeline.

As expected, Nobita and Doraemon ran into endless shenanigans. Faced with bullies, faling school grades, peer pressure and his love for Shizuka, Nobita turned to Doraemon for everything. And Dorameon tolerated him. So much so that in time, Nobita became too dependent on him that he can no longer function by himself.

Many times Nobita failed, but eventually, he was able to get Shizuka's approval, giving Doraemon a glimpse of their bright future together. Before he knew it, it was time for him to go home.

It was during this scene that I realized, this Doraemon movie is NOT AT ALL a feel good movie. This is not meant to bring back joyful childhood memories or experience the excitement once again. This movie's purpose is to reduce adults to tears. I should have known from the poster itself.

I really let myself go. My tears were just ugh. Yuck. I was crying. Ew. I had human emotions. And I was certain I was not the only one bawling their eyes out, left eye first, right eye next. There is no shame in crying. Even if what it takes for you to cry is a mechanical cat robot with a weird voice.

Towards the end, when Nobita and Shizuka got lost in a blizzard, I felt the need to pee again. And this time I can't just sprint, because these scenes are crucial. This is where everything culminates. Surely my bladders can wait.

A few more minutes, I endured. But during the very final scene, I knew I had to run or risk going home soaking wet. So down the stairs I went, noiseless but aware of all the eyes in the theater probably watching me, alternating between the emotional ending scene and me, running the length of the whole stairs like some pickpocket chased by cops.

In the toilet I went, running to the nearest urinal. I did not bother to wash my hands, I can do that later. The only important thing right now is getting back to my seat. I was running again. Running back up the dark stairs, the outlines of the steps glowing neon blue.

Dramatic music playing in the background... I was sure that this was the ultimate moment and I was missing it. I ran faster up the stairs and suddenly...

Nangudngod ako.

Putangina nangudngod ako sa hagdan.


And may naririnig akong tumatawa, dun banda malapit sa kinauupuan ko. Pagdating ko sa upuan ko gusto ko nang malusaw. Yung mga taong nanonood, na kanina lang eh nakatutok sa intense na intense na eksena, eh nakasaksi ng taong nagungudngod fuuuck.

Ito na nga marahil ang dahilan kung bakit ako nakakarelate kay Nobita.

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khantotantra said...

hahahahah, shet.... napapaemote na ako sa english post mo then pooooof.
buti madilim sa sinehans.

mike said...

sorry to hear about "your" mishap.

btw - did you wash your hand after the movie? please say yes! :)

Mr. Tripster said...

Ahahaha! Suskopo! That's a the true mark of a die-hard fan...

♥☆ Yaney ♥☆ said...

Ang ganda na sana ng flow ng pagkukuwento mo, in english, sabay nangudngod ka! Hahahaha!

Favorite ko rin si Doraemon nung highschool days. :)

Anonymous said...

eh bat ka ba ihi-ihi.. uminom ka siguro ng iang dram na tubig bago nanuod.. hahahah...

Edgar Portalan said...

Straight English na sana eh nosebleed ,kaso nangudngod bigla he he : )

Diane Writes said...

I thought straight english na... ay leech nasa dulo pala ang core ng story hahahaha may nobita moment lang haha

sobrang ginaw ba ? Haha ang konti lang kasi ng nanood. pero alam mo, i watched it weekend afternoon and surprisingly, wala masyadong kids. puro grownups at kids at heart :)

pero seryoso, kahit sino sa atin longs for that nobita and doraemon friendship.. we wanted to have that friend who will support us amidst all the kapalpakan and kagagahan sa buhay.

Coffeehan by Marjorie Gavan said...

Hahahaha... Lakas ng tawa ko sa ending, biglang naging tagalog hahaha... Di ko pa napapanood tong Doraemon movie, hanapin ko na lang sa streaming. Fan din ako nito meron pa nga akong doraemon stuffed toy!

Anonymous said...

Arte mo pa, may torrent naman kasi. Peace! ��✌

reagan decena said...

ang tanong, sure ka bang nasara mo zipper mo? Damulag is the best tho

Anonymous said...


nyabach0i said...

ok na yung english moments eh. e nangudngod ka. basag trip. hahahaha.

YOW said...

Hahhahahahahahahahahahaha. Napakahusay mo, nakakapikon!!!
You set the tone so serious dahil sa english english mo kaya tawang tawa ako sa dulo. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. If I was there, tatawa din ako, yung labas gums.

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