blogging 2016

When I started blogging 8 or 9 years ago, I had zero readers. I only had my closest friends to read my stories. These are real-life friends who accepted me and my evil streak, who did not judge me for my questionable decision-making skills and just generally laughed at my antics. I had no fear of being judged, so I had no fear in writing. So I wrote a lot. Full-on blogger mode.

A couple of years later came what I recall to be the golden era of personal blogs. Everybody had a blog. Suddenly I had readers, strangers visiting my blog and regularly leaving comments. People I did not personally know. And it felt good, to know that other people read my stories and enjoyed them too. It felt so good to wake up in the morning and find new comments on my latest post. It was so exciting to respond to the comments one by one. And then in return, I visited their blogs and left comments too. Bloghopping became a daily activity for me. Some of these bloggers became online friends, and then became real life friends. It was a great time to be a blogger, a writer. And so I wrote. A lot.

I have found an audience and got so scared to lose them. Suddenly I couldn’t just write about my weekend, it had to be a funny weekend. I couldn’t just write movie review, it had to be a hilarious movie reviews. I couldn’t express my opinions on current events because opinions are not funny. My blog is under the humor category and I didn’t want to bore the audience. At the risk of trying too hard, I did try to make very post worth reading. Writing became a task. I grew tired of it.

Finally came the great age of social media, which we are in right now. I have this deeply held belief that Facebook is killing personal blogs. When in the past I used to write a full blown story of how something fucked up in my life, now I just tell everyone about it on Facebook and get instant feedback. No one has the time to faithfully follow blogs anymore. No one has the time to blog anymore.

Now when I do write something on my blog, I have no idea if a lot of people read it. Gone are the days when I would log in to Blogger and see 50+ comments waiting. I don’t know if this happened to other personal blogs or just mine, and the reason I don’t know is because I don’t bloghop anymore. I probably just lost some readers and that’s inevitable. People grow, and sometimes they outgrow you. I outgrew some people too. That’s just fine.

The blogosphere has been abandoned. My fellow bloggers, the one who first read my blogs, the one whose blogs I first read, are gone. The same bloggers who have turned into friends are no longer active, their paid domains reverted back to their original. Some of my blogger friends aren't even my friends anymore.  So now with only a handful of readers, if not two or three, I can write anything I want again. Now I don’t have to fear losing my readers, because I already lost them. I can still write funny stuff, but I would like to write those funny stories for my second book.

You might ask, Why not just close this blog? Nabayaran ko na kasi yung domain, sayang naman.
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