paaralin si maria

Hey Kids! One of my blogger friends, Ms Cecila Cabiao, asked me if I can lend some help her and her friends in promoting their cause, which is to send Aeta 2nd graders to school. They provide school supplies and hold feeding programs too. I'm happy to help out in my little way, so here it is!

Dali! Paaralin natin si Maria!

“Thank you po, Kuya”…these words made deafening reverberations inside my ear, as if I just successfully performed a complicated heart surgery…

The gratitude came from 7 year old Maria, one of the many Aeta kids from Porac Pampanga we gave school supplies to last year. She was one of the first graders whose eyes pin-wheeled upon receiving her loot of fresh school supplies- pencils, papers, coloring pens, erasers, sharpeners, and other school paraphernalia through our gift giving project.
Last year, my friends and I came up with the idea of helping kids with their school supplies. We tried to raise Php 30, 000 for funding this project only to receive a windfall amounting to Php 35, 000 plus Chickenjoy meals! All this became possible, thanks to our organizers, volunteers, and good Samaritans!
Because of that, we excitedly rushed to Divisoria and shopped for their school supplies like there was no tomorrow! :D Not only supplies were provided, Chickenjoy meals were also served to the kids, courtesy of our supporters!
The time spent, donations received, and support rained on us was all remitted with priceless smiles and thank you po­from the kids!
Maria will be a second-grader this coming school year. Just like last year, she is pumped-up for class’ opening, expectant of fresh school supplies!
And so, my friends and I, the same group that launched donation drives and garage sales last year, are equally pumped up, too! We would like to carry-on with this massive undertaking, not just this year but until the kids graduate. We would like to make sure that the kids’ future can go as high and far as their dreams!
We invite you to join in this mission! Take a look on how you could participate!
Here’s the exciting sneak peek of the plan:
DETAILS OF GIFT GIVING (The Massive Undertaking):
Date: June 04, 2016
Venue: Villa Maria, Elementary School, Porac Pampanga
DETAILS OF THE FUNDING (A big part of The Massive Undertaking)
TARGET LOOT CONTENTS: School Bag, 10 Notebooks, 2 pads of grade 2 sheet, Coloring Book, Pencil Case (w/ Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Crayons, Paste/Glue), Lunch box, Water Bottle and Towel
Cookies, Bread, Candies, Chocolates, and Juice
Chickenjoy Meal
Everyone is welcome to help us out through the following:
Please contact Rolyn Go at 0917 8354581 (Globe) and 0999 8848921 (Smart).
If you prefer to do an immediate bank account transfer instead, please deposit your donation to Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Account # 8849 0211 42, under the name of Divine M Camama. After you have made the deposit, please contact us using the mobile number 0917-8179238.
Let us all open our hearts to kids like Maria and help them get through another year of school. Even the smallest donations will go a long way for these kids.
Do not make Aeta kids’ dreams a far-flung hope! Join us and make Aeta second-graders ready for school! #GetMariaReadyForSchool, #HelpSendAetaKidsToSchool
Note: Excess funds will be used to support next years' campaign.

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Mr. Tripster said...

thanks for this helpful announcement glen! I'll try to gather my minions here and send our love and support. I won't promise anything, but pray that may God be gracious to make our hearts generous.

yccos said...

Nakakatuwa at nakakamiss ang ganitong endeavour! Will make sure to spread the word and share something as well.

Thank you for this!

momel8 said...

Medio nabingi ako sa deafening reverberations. Hindi ko na tuloy gaano narinig yung kumpletong content. Masakit sa cochlea.

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