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Hey Kids. I wasn't really gonna say anything. But then again this is my blog and I just got the annual invoice for my domain, so I might as well post as much stuff as I want. This isn't really a typical post, it's more of a reaction to my previous post, that X-Men Apocalypse movie review. Or should I say, movie "review". Or more specifically, this is about the comments I received. This is a reaction to the reactions. Reaction-ception.

Let me focus on the negative ones.

Just to put everything in perspective before I continue this rant, let me say this about myself: I have been a blogger since 2007, have been writing earlier than that, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. As much as I hate the word "netizen" I am one. I read, comment, react to articles online. I express my opinions on other people's blogs, Facebook pages, other platforms. I pass judgement on movies, music, TV, etc. Sometimes I express pleasure, sometimes distate. In short, I do what everybody else with Internet access and an opinion does.

Have I bashed anyone? Have I humiliated anyone? Have I put anyone down for what they had to say?
Have I criticized a fellow blogger's work? Have I been disgusted at some article, and did I ever take the time to make sure the author knew how disgusted I was?

Being a believer in karma, these are the questions that ran through my head when I received these comments on my post:

Bryan Ericson Arias said...
Binuod mo lang yung movie sa paraang akala mo e nakakatawa. Yan na yung "review"?
MJ Palang said...
This review is so shallow, absolutely no insight at all. The whole reason Apocalypse looked that way throughout the movie was because he needed a new shell, which he had been trying to achieve from the beginning up to his demise. If you want people to take you seriously as a movie critic, go beyond the superficial. Establish your critque on the character build, the plot, the conflict, the twist, the denouement. This whole movie review had the ambience of a weekly tete-a-tete with a housewife with her manicurista. Baduy.
Anon said...
The sucess of this review only proves how people nowadays enjoy mindless entertainment.

The blogger here is smart to realize that thus he (or she) fed the ignorance and the shallowness of the audience.

No offense but i didnt find anything here funny.

Everyone who enjoyed this article: *looks on fiercely*
Blogger: *looks on fiercely*
Me: *meh, don't give a sh...*
When I first read comment #1, the first thing that popped into my head was, Seriously?

Call me naive, inexperienced, living in a bubble, but I'm not used to getting comments like these, and that's probably my fault. If you can dish it, you should learn how to take it right? I mean, there I was, writing about a movie, not exactly praising it, but when my writing incurred non-praises, I reacted. I was probably being too sensitive.

Nevertheless, that didn't keep me from responding to them. Go check the comments section if you want :)

The next two comments were surprising, but a trend was starting to reveal itself, something I never thought of before. I have been writing these "review-reviewhan" articles for so long that I never really bothered to stop and think, Review ba talaga ito? Kasi akala nitong mga tao review talaga ito! Kasalanan ko ito!

In my defense, I am in no way a legit critic (HELLO?) and have no desires of being one, so why would I post "reviews"? Well, in keeping with the dignities of this blog, it's to poke fun. And have fun.

That's what is not clear to these commenters and somehow I cannot blame them. They clicked on some link on Facebook or Twitter, seeing the "movie review" on the title and expecting such. But that idea should have been dashed by the time you got to the third paragraph right? Still, can't blame them for being misled.

The thing is, they were misled and they still had no idea. Down to the last minute, they really thought they were reading something serious, or something begging to be taken seriously. It's evident in their comments.

What I wrote, in fact, was my experience of the movie. Which may or may not be the same as others'. My observations of the characters' looks, actions, their scenes may have been others' observations too. I was not about to explain to everyone why the movie sucked and why everyone shouldn't enjoy it, or, explain why the movie was great and require everyone to agree that it was great.

Why did I call it a review, like I did with all the "movie reviews" I ever posted? Because in the loosest sense of the word, "review" means "view or inspect visually for a second time or again". And that was what I was doing for the most part. Put simply, I was looking at the movie again. I had no intentions of dissecting it and looking for continuity errors and gaping plotholes and bad lighting and poor cinematography. I had no intentions of, to use one commenter's words, going beyond the superficial, establishing my critique on the build, the plot, the blah blah and the blah blah. All I care about is bad acting and corny lines.

Not only did they insult me, they insulted the intelligence of the readers who simply enjoyed the post. Truly, it's becoming a trend: people nowadays are in search of the next thing to offend them. And everything they did not agree with is offensive. And everyone who had the gall to have a different opinion is automatically stupid, "ignorant" and "shallow".

Ang talino nyo na po yata masyado. There, I'm not just shaming you, I'm smart-shaming you. Be flattered.

I was not feeding the "ignorance and shallowness" of the readers. Point in fact, the people who said they liked the "review" are the ones who are clever enough to get what it is; some dumb article to pass the time. And you don't need to be too clever to see that. Sadly, some readers are too clever for their own good, transcending ignorance and shallowness. Congratulations!

Context is key. Had these commenters known that they're in some personal blog and not an official review site, their rage might have been abated. Or maybe not. Maybe it's their hobby, telling people their work sucks.

Still, here's what my stats looked like that week:

And I thought personal blogging is dead. Thanks to the people who shared the link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. My ads loved it.

I was tempted to go ad hominem against these commenters, after all, the people who have LOTS of stuff to say usually turn out to have no actual work of their own to show the world. I mean sure, you know how to point out that I should have written this and should have written that, but why don't we look at YOUR movie reviews so we can see your expert views on character development and your insights on the plot and your complaints about the cinematography, which were probably what you were focusing on while watching? Let's hear your excellent take on what would have made the movie a better one (at least, in your head).

Let me end this useless post with something positive: the people who get it. I can see them in the comments section, expressing their thoughts, correcting those who think I'm being serious, disagreeing with me but doing it with class. You're whom I write for. I don't write for snobs, the high and mighty, the ones who walk in on us having fun and scolding us for it, and I don't sit all day waiting for their comments.

Dahil ako ang mali, ako ang mag-aadjust. I'll avoid the word review from now on, so as not to offend those expecting a legit review. I will never use that in the title. Maybe something that looks like "X-MEN APOCALYPSE : THIS POST WILL SHOCK YOU" or "YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS BLOGGER HAD TO SAY AFTER WATCHING X-MEN APOCALYPSE!" Clickbait na clickbait.

To the people who found that "review" funny, thank you, you get it, glad I made you laugh.

To the people who didn't find it funny because it was really not funny, thank you still, we have different views on humor, I get that. I can probably improve my craft by noting your criticisms.

But to the people who complained because it lacked what makes a typical movie review, that's your problem.

Careful, serious readers who look down on my writing for being shallow, you might drown in your own depths. I was gonna give some advice to you like Why don't you get that stick out your ass and relax, but that's just rude, so no.
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