ten years

Hey Kids. Last December a friend asked me how long I have been blogging, so I counted, and it was only then that I realized I have been doing this for ten years now. That’s one-third of my life so far. I was taken aback both by the amazing length and seeming shortness of it. So I want my first post for the year to be a quick look back.

Writing stories, both real and fictional, came to me like a hobby ever since I was young, so when I discovered blogging I felt like I found an outlet. I didn’t realize it will be a lifelong activity and will pave the way for me to meet lots of people. I didn’t immediately realize how much blogging will help me then, and how much it will help me now.

When I started blogging, there was a community back then. We made friends. We followed each other. We read what everybody else wrote. We held meetups. It’s amazing how you meet someone for the first time but feel like you’ve known them for years, and have them say the same about you, only because you both follow each other’s blogs. I made a lot of friends, some of them I’m still friends with up to now. We used to watch movies together, went out of town, went on joyrides. We used to attend parties and then get some coffee while talking about other bloggers.

They don’t blog any more. And some aren’t friends anymore.

I met my “landlord” through blogging. He was a fond reader back then and made a way for us to meet personally. He kept throwing projects at me. He offered me work. He even offered his house for me to rent (and I still live there up to this day almost 7 years later). He believed in my art. He later on became my publisher and that’s how my book came to be. I owe so much to this guy, Kuya Edsel.

I want to thank everyone who read, followed, enjoyed what I had to share over the years. From the active bloggers and commenters to the lurkers, to the Facebook sharers, thank you!

Out of everything this blog gave me, the book is what I cringe at the most. I feel like I’m proud of it and deeply embarrassed by it at the same time. If you’ve read it you’ll know what I mean. And I want to do it all over again.

I’m not going to stop blogging, telling stories, retelling stories, writing fictional stories. It’s my only creative outlet where I feel I’m appreciated. Even if the people who used to read don’t have the time anymore. Even if I don’t get any comments and views as much as I used to get. Even if I keep on paying the domain I barely use. I’ll just keep writing because I have nothing else.

I feel like I have plenty more stories to share, I just couldn’t find the time and energy right now. I hope this new year allows me to be more creative and productive. I want to try new things, post new material. I hope I get to the next ten years and then look back to this point in time and see my body of work. If you’re still reading this, marami pa akong ipopost. Wait lang.

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salbehe said...

Nice post!

Char :)

Mr. Tripster said...

Don't stop blogging. And it's true, yung dating community ng bloggers nawala na. I think it was way back 2010 to 2013, that period which i consider the golden age. Kahit nasa malayo ako, I feel that it was a vibrant community. Naiinggit nga ako at madalas noon magkita kita ang mga bloggers na fina follow ko. So sad at naka "permanent hiatus" na. Lol!

And congrats for the 10 years of blogging, and you actually achieved what other bloggers dream of- having published a book.

Let's hope for more readers and books to publish in your future! Cheers!

AMR said...

Thnaks Glen! Happy 10th! Wow! I never stop visiting your blog. We’re still friends right? =)

pnx said...

I’m guilty of not religiously reading your blogs eversince 10 years happened. But you know I’ll always be your fan haha. Msg me. Kitakits. Sa global game jam ako this weekend, di ako pwede. Lets set

Xhann said...

Forever silent reader here hehe

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